Why I Volunteer

On February 26, 2014

Spirit of Edmonton 100th Grey Cup Party

One of my absolute favourite pastimes is volunteering. I volunteer for anything that interests me or feels close to my heart; I love being part of events. Not only do I learn from them and meet wonderful new people, but I truly enjoy the atmosphere and the work. I get so excited whenever I have the opportunity to be involved in the community! I find myself going out of the way to find things to volunteer for on a regular basis – I love keeping busy. Even though I work full time I still feel the need to get out there and participate in life.

Over the years I have had the honour and the pleasure of working a myriad of events.  I’ve volunteered for the Edmonton Humane Society’s Pets in the Park; it was delightful since I love animals so much. I also volunteered for the Downtown Business Association of Edmonton, working in the Santa Claus parade. I love Christmas time, and watching the children was truly heartwarming. This past year I held the banner behind Santa Claus. It was so uplifting to see him around the kids; he was a retired man who just enjoyed being Santa. It reminded me of Miracle on 34th Street because he really did seem like the real Santa in the Macy’s parade. The year before that, I held the banner at the beginning of the parade, and I must confess it was an awesome feeling to see the kids’ faces light up as I walked down the aisle.


The Mascots of the 2013 Jingle On Parade put on by the Downtown Business Association

One of my most cherished memories was from last summer, when I volunteered for Spirit of Edmonton for the 100th Grey Cup party in Toronto. Meeting so many different people and seeing and doing so many new things was inspiring. Honestly, I was so tired from going for three days straight I never did watch the actual Grey Cup….I fell asleep in my hotel room instead!

I also volunteered for Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On!, which brought in 30,000 people over two days. I was the person who brought the balls to the referees. I have to admit I am not much of a sports fan, but I find being at these types of events so much fun. The spirit of everyone present is always so high.

I work for Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival whenever they come to Edmonton, and I like the feel of it. I enjoy it even more because I have the chance to work with my dad. The food is amazing and I love talking to the wine vendors. It is something like Taste of Edmonton (which I hope to volunteer for in future).


Glasses at WineFest 2013


I have worked many other events, too numerous to name here. Being exposed to so many people from so many walks of life, such vast cultural differences, offers me a constantly evolving perspective on the world. And because of it, I also feel as though I can offer more as a wedding planner. I believe everyone should try volunteering at least once in a while; the benefits are priceless.


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