Why hire a Wedding Planner?

You may be asking yourself the question: “Why should I bother hiring a Wedding Planner?”

You should hire a Wedding Planner because we are there to make your special day seamless. WPIC certified Wedding Planners are trained to know what to do if something does not go quite as planned–and always have a back-up plan ready. We suggest vendors that we know are reputable because we’ve actually dealt with them before. We also do many other things such as:


  •  Assist and guide you in making decisionscouple hugging on motorbike, engagement shot, Shraddha Rathi
  •  Theme development
  •  Budget preparation and implementation
  •  Saves you time and money
  •  Contract negotiations with vendors
  •  Wedding timeline construction and detailed itineraries
  •  Decor suggestions
  •  Wedding etiquette
  •  Vendor referrals and visits
  •  Ceremony / Venue site referrals and visits details
  •  Offer advice
  •  Become the “go to” person at the wedding
  •  Honeymoon planning
  •  Carry a wedding day emergency kit
  •  Handle any crisis or unforeseen circumstances
  •  Wedding day coordination
  •  Full wedding planning
  •  Hourly Consultations
  • Ease your wedding day stress! 

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