10 Things That Will Help You Get Amazing Wedding Photos

On April 8, 2015


Photo by Dreamgrapher

Having perfect wedding photos are usually on to top of every bride’s list. Consider doing these ten things to get perfect wedding photos.

  1. Consider having an unplugged wedding.

    I love unplugged weddings because then your photographer doesn’t have to worry about dodging your guests while taking photos. There’s always that one guest that has to stand in the middle of the aisle (conveniently right in front of your photographer) to get a crappy phone picture. Having an unplugged wedding just avoids that whole scenario.

  2. Write a list of shots that you definitely want.

    There will be no “Oh my, we forgot to get a picture of you and your parents” if you write a list beforehand.

  3. Seriously consider getting a professional make-up artist and hair stylist.

    They have access to items that will make your make-up and hair stay put all day. They are also aware of what make-up and hair product looks great in wedding photos. No one wants photos that make us look like we have really oily skin. Some make-ups will do this (and you won’t be able to tell until the photos are printed).

  4. Leave enough time to get those perfect shots.


    Photo by Dreamgrapher

    Your photographer will estimate how long they need for photos; make sure you give them that time.

  5. Hire a wedding planner for a day-of coordination.

    Our emergency kit will fix most wedding accidents that can hinder your photos. Are your flowers wilting because they’re hot? I’ve got you covered, I have a spray bottle. Do you have a weird mark on your dress? I have stain removers and things to cover that mark. Uh oh, is your face shiny because it’s warm outside? I have oil blotters that we can use before your picture.

  6. Make sure your bridal party is focused.

    Messy group shots are the worst. Keep everyone on track and your photos will be much nicer. Chances are that the photos will take way less time as well!

  7. Avoid having your ceremony under a tree.

    Leaves cast strange shadows on your face during certain times of the day. If you are getting married under a tree, or around trees, be sure the photographer is able to work with the lighting.

  8. Be aware of logos, stickers, and signs.

    Sometimes these things can add to your photo creating a beautiful photo, other times these things take away from your photos.

  9. Purses and accessories can make décor photos less attractive.

    Be sure that these items are out of the way. The less clutter, the better your photos will be.

  10. Research and meet with your photographer before the wedding.

    Lots of photographers offer engagement shoots to see if you’re the right fit for each other. I highly suggest you take them up on this offer.


wedding couple in love

Photo by Katalily Photography

Photographs of weddings are what keep the wedding a clear memory; you look at them and they bring back those happy memories. There’s a reason they say a picture speaks a 1000 words.



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