Vistaprint Is So Last Year- You Must Check Out Wedding Design by Anika

On October 5, 2016

untitledWith new headshots on my website, I really felt the need for a new logo too. I messaged Anika Loewen, of Anika Loewen Design, to see if she’d be up for the job.

On Saturday we went over what I was hoping for, and then talked about what’s new with our businesses since the last time we spoke. Anika told me something soooooo exciting!!! She’s been working on wedding stationery templates! This means that Vistaprint/Wedding Paper Divas have some serious competition in the wedding stationery world.


Here’s why I say this…

1. The templates can be edited for your needs

She can edit things like color, size of the stationery, and text. If you need something a little more drastic than these things, she can do that for you too!


Wedding Design by Anika


2. The more items you order, the more of a discount you’ll get

If you’re going to order Save the Dates, RSVP cards, and the invitations, Anika’s website offers a discount automatically!

3. Skip the shipping and handling plus all other fees

Anika is located in Edmonton, so you don’t have to pay shipping and handling. That also means you can skip the hidden fees like duty and currency conversion fees. Her final price IS the price.

4. She’s able to show you examples and proofs

For me, this is a big one because these are the first things your guests will see. If you purchase your invitations from Vistaprint/Wedding Paper Divas, you do not get to see your invitations before they are all printed out. This means that if there are mistakes, the colors are wrong, or if they’re not the size you were expecting, you’re still stuck with them.


Wedding Design by Anika


5. She knows the wedding lingo and etiquette

If you make a mistake in your wording, spelling or placement, Anika will flag it before all of your invitations have already been printed.  Again, this is not something that Vistaprint or the Wedding Paper Divas offers.

6. She assembles the invitations

She showed me a lace invitation that she designed for a client (it was stunning by the way). She glued the pieces of lace, and placed the belly band on each invitation. Not to mention that she has a paper cutter, so she can make custom size pockets for you without the added cost that other places have (because it has to be cut somewhere else).

7. If you’re my client, she will offer a 10% discount

Email me for more information on how to redeem this discount!




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