9 Thing That Will Help You Embrace A Perfect Wedding Day

On January 24, 2018

Your wedding day should be the most important day of your life. Sometimes it seems like ridiculous unimportant things slowly add to a day that isn’t as great as it can be.

Over the years, I’ve come to notice a few things that couples always wish they prioritized on their wedding day. Here they are…


1. Hire the pros!

Get your hair and makeup done professionally. They’ll be able to really capture your beauty in your wedding photographs. No one wants to look like a ghost or a clown in all of their wedding photos. Seriously, sometimes the camera can add some strange effects to your makeup.

Speaking of photographs and pros – hire a professional photographer. For me, this truly is the most important part. You want to look at your photos years down the road and embrace your beautiful day again. An amateur photographer is not always going to get you those images.

2. Employ a second shooter

Even if it’s just for your ceremony, this is important. There are so many amazing moments happening simultaneously that it’s impossible to shoot all of them. I love the idea of one photographer taking photos of each one of you. That way nothing is missed.

3. Limit your DIY

I always find that couples are doing so many last minute DIY items, that they lose focus of everything else. This also creates a ton of added stress the days before the wedding. If you’re going the DIY route, start early and make sure it’s something that is important.



4. Rehearse before the big day

There are so many parts of a wedding ceremony that are forgotten about. It’s not as simple as just walking down the aisle. There’s music timing, timing for your attendants to walk down the aisle, positioning, things that need to be said…And the list goes on. Go through it before your wedding day.

My best friend always bugs me about not having a rehearsal for her wedding. I hope she knows that with me around, there’s definitely not going to happen. She will have a rehearsal!

5. Allow lots of time for photos

Ask your photographer how long they think that they will need for photos. Usually most weddings require roughly 2-3 hours of shooting. This does not include travel time to get to your locations.

6. Write a shot list

This may seem like it’s annoying for your photographer…But it’s not! They want you to get the images that you want. It will also help YOU decide what’s important. If you really want a photo with Great Aunt Shirley, who you haven’t seen in forever, it will get taken if it’s on the list.



7. Consider having first looks

If you’re not sure what a first look is; it’s a planned meeting for the two of you to see each other before you get married.

I love these moments because they produce stunning images that will be cherished forever. However, it can also reduce your stress immensely as well. Your special instant can be experienced privately, but still captured. I promise it won’t ruin your ceremony moment either.  That will still be just as wonderful too.

8. Be as unique as you want

Ditch the wedding traditions that you don’t like. Add different things that are important to you. Be YOURSELF.

9. Most of all….

Remember what this day is truly about…The love between the two of you. Enjoy your day and treasure every second.



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