8 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Vendors

On October 18, 2017

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Picking the right wedding vendors is really important. It’s not always about who’s cheaper or who offers more for the same amount of money.

When picking your wedding vendors, you should really always consider these 8 things


1. You mesh well with the vendors

Your wedding day is important; therefore you should work with people you like and trust. You should both enjoy being around each other and working together. Most wedding vendors work with you way before your wedding, if you can’t stand that person, you’re going to have issues.

2. They are familiar with the type of wedding you are having

You want someone who knows the wedding industry. Even new wedding businesses know other wedding vendors and industry related ideas. We go out of our way to attend mixers/socials and at seminars…Especially when we are just starting out. It’s a serious red flag if they aren’t familiar with the wedding industry.

3. They have valid insurance

If a company carries insurance, they’re probably going to charge you slightly more than a company that doesn’t. Trust me though; you want a vendor with insurance. Too many things could go wrong, and it’s just smarter to have it. It also shows that they’re a reputable company if they have insurance.


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4. They have a backup plan

Things happen…People get into accidents, equipment breaks, things don’t work properly, etcetera. A good vendor will always have a backup plan. I coordinated a wedding this past weekend and part of the DJ’s equipment wasn’t working properly. He handled it really well by calling another employee who knew how to fix it. The wedding was back on track before the bride and groom even knew anything was wrong.

5. They have a business license

It is illegal to operate a business without a City of Edmonton license. If a vendor does not have a license, it makes them look pretty shady. Stay away from these types of vendors.

6. Check out their reviews

Now I wouldn’t say that a review is a completely necessary thing to take into account. However, if they have several horrible reviews, I would advise you to stay away. Do your research when thinking about hiring them. I can also help you choose the perfect vendors.

7. Follow their blog/social media and agree with things they say

If they’re a vendor that has the same ideas about weddings as you do, they are more likely to be great vendors for your wedding. Follow them for a while and see what they find interesting. It will really help you in the long run!

8. Take recommendations lightly

Our friends are different than us. An awesome wedding vendor for your friend might not be the best choice for you. Take the time to meet other vendors who might fit your personality better.


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2 Responses to “8 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Vendors”

  • It’s good to know that I should be choosing a wedding vendor that carries insurance. You usually don’t think of wedding planning as something that has a lot of risk, but like you said, it’s possible for something to go wrong. Plus, wedding planners work with a lot of furniture and fancy glassware in their line of work. It could become very expensive if a table of fancy wine glasses is knocked over!

    • Exactly Maggie! It seems like not much could go wrong, but lots of things do go wrong (for the most part it’s things that are out of our control, and my job has always been to fix it so that you still have a wonderful day without any worry). If we carry insurance, that’s also one less worry for you.

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