9 Ways to Change Up the Traditional Bouquet Toss at Your Wedding

On August 10, 2016

Beautiful Wedding Couple Embracing. Bride and Groom in Love.Maybe it’s that you don’t want to do a bouquet toss at all, or maybe it’s that you want to keep your bouquet. There are many reasons why you might want to change up the whole bouquet toss idea.

Here are a few unique ideas to use instead of the traditional bouquet toss


1. A candy bouquet

I personally love candy. I think the idea of picking a few of your favorite candies and making them into a bouquet is an awesome idea. The lucky lady to catch it can either eat it, or save it.

2. Have a bouquet just for throwing

Have your florist make you a bouquet toss bouquet. It can be something fairly simple and still do the trick. I’ve even see some brides DIY something as well.  Make a fun night of making something with a few of your friends. Below is a picture of a rose that I made! Check out the blog about how I made it here.

paper rose

3. Pass the bouquet

I’m assuming you played Hot Potato as a child! Play a game like that, only the person that’s holding the bouquet gets it. Or play musical chairs and the winner gets to keep the bouquet.

4. Throw a ball

I’ve seen some really cute ideas for this! Personalize a football with your wedding date etcetera and throw that instead. Maybe one (or both of you) absolutely loves a particular sport, use that type of ball. This one has some serious potential to really distinguish your “bouquet toss”.

5. Have an anniversary dance

Celebrate the couples who have withstood the test of time, instead of singling out the ones who are single. I’ve seen this done in several different ways; send me a message if you’re looking for more information.

6. Spilt up your bouquet

Whether it’s giving a flower to each of your besties, or actually having it made to separate into unique little bouquets, there is a way to do it. Ask me or your florist for help.


7. Throw an item that matches your theme

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you have a theme for your wedding, set aside something that matches your theme to throw. You can personalize it in any way you see fit!

8. Play a game

We’ve sort of gone over this one, but in this case omit the bouquet entirely. Come up with something completely distinctive, or go with one of the traditional favorites like the shoe game. Or maybe it’s a game that will get all of your guests participating.

9. Give the bouquet to the longest married couple

This one is about celebrating love again. Acknowledge the couples who have been together “forever”…Simply hand them your bouquet to cherish.


Portrait of a young wedding couple on their wedding day


These are just a few of the different ideas you can use! Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box.


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