The Difference Between a Certified Wedding Planner and a Wedding Planner

On January 27, 2016

Portrait of a young wedding couple on their wedding day

Do you know what the difference between a “certified wedding planner” and a “wedding planner” is? There are actually a lot of differences between them.

Here are 6 things that will separate a certified wedding planner from a wedding planner.


1. If they’re certified, it means they have an education based around special events.

You want a wedding planner who has the knowledge to help throughout the entire wedding planning process and on the wedding day. Like it or not, but every wedding has its hiccups. Certified planners are able to troubleshoot most issues very effectively because of their training.

2. They are wedding planners because they love it, not because of the money.

Certified wedding planners wanted to make themselves better by becoming certified. You know that they care about the wedding industry and will stick around; they’ve proven that by backing themselves with an education.


Couple on their wedding day kissing with a view of the Edmonton River Valley


3. Most certified wedding planners do not accept vendor kickbacks.

This means that when they recommend a vendor to you, they are recommending them because they are good at their jobs, not because they are getting paid for it.

4. They attend seminars and refresh their education to remain certified.

The wedding industry changes every year. You want to hire someone who is up on the current trends and knows how to deal with new wedding companies/ideas/technology etcetera.


Happy couple kissing on their wedding day in front of their dream home in London


5. Certified wedding planners are known in the wedding industry.

They are very connected within the wedding industry and can recommend lots of amazing wedding vendors.

6. Certified wedding planners will get back to you in a timely manner.

They always strive to get back to you within 48 hours. Certified planners understand that everyone’s time is valuable and will not leave you hanging.


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