5 Examples of How Choosing a Cheap Rental Company Can Completely Ruin Your Wedding

On July 13, 2016

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There are always ways to spend less money on your wedding. When thinking about your rentals, I really think that it’s not a place where you want to cut the money spent. There are just too many variables that can essentially just make you end up spending more money.


Here are 5 times couples wished they had just spent more in the beginning


1. Filthy chair covers for a gorgeous ceremony

With cheap chair cover rentals, you never know what you’re going to get. I always suggest looking at your rental linens before your wedding…Make sure they are clean and in good condition. Remember, you get what you pay for.  I’ve seen couples end up spending way more than planned because their original rentals were not in the condition that they expected, so they ended up renting from a more expensive but reliable rental company.

2. Smelly, dirty chargers

In the end, this is an easy enough fix…Wash them. But this is also time that could be spent somewhere else. Time is also money, so it still ended up costing the couple more money. This will also cut into the hours spent on the set up of the reception.


3. Different chair covers than the ones that were ordered

They were the correct color, but they were the wrong type of cover. It ended up that they were way too small for the chairs that they were meant for. Unfortunately, the company didn’t have a wide selection of covers, so the couple had to rent from a more costly but dependable rental company.

4. Antique (and not in a good way) limo

Imagine this, you’re waiting for the brand new limo that you were told that you’d get…And an ugly 1980’s limo pulls up. It’s in horrible shape, has no AC, and just screams junkyard. Yep, this happens. As a wedding planner, I can absolutely suggest ways to ensure that this will NEVER happen to you on your wedding day (Actually any of these things, so I guess this blog entry could be about how I can save you money and heartache too)!!! But too many times couples are shown this gorgeous limo in the showroom and when the wedding rolls around, something completely different arrives.

5. Cheap linens

It’s pretty easy to tell if the linens are cheap. They aren’t as rich looking, and once they’ve been used a few times they always look dingy.  The stains don’t come out, they always looked wrinkled, and they don’t hold their color. My personal opinion is that I’d much rather use the plain Jane venue linen than cheap rental linen.

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Just remember to always make sure you know what you’re renting!


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