7 Tips That Will Help You Choose the Perfect Bouquet

On January 13, 2016

rsz_jenny_and_randy-05_elites-0028.jpgLast night I got a text from a friend. It said, “Is it acceptable to have a popcorn bouquet?” If you’ve read my blog in the past, you probably already know my answer. “Sure! If it’s something that means something to you and you like it, that’s all that matters”.

When choosing your bouquet, be sure to take these 7 things into consideration.


1. Choose a bouquet that means something to you.

This above all, is the most important thing to remember. If you want to do something unique, do it. I also think that if you’re going for the traditional bouquet, you should really consider adding a touch of you. I’ve seen brooches and jewellery added to bouquets, and they are stunning.

Peacock bouquet

2. Buy your dress before you pick your bouquet.

You want your dress and your bouquet to work together. You don’t want your bouquet to overpower you or your dress. Florists can work with you to find the perfect bouquet that will compliment you and your dress completely. Be sure to bring a photo of your dress when you meet with your florist.

bride at the salon in wedding dress

3. Find out what flowers are in season.

You’ll definitely want to consider this before coming up with designs for your bouquet. It will be much easier and less expensive if you pick flowers that are in season. It will also make things easier if something should happen to your flowers before your wedding.


4. Pick colors that are going to match your wedding colors.

Flowers come in an assortment of colors, and change even amongst the same type of flower. Make sure you are going to have colors that will match the rest of your wedding. Nothing is worse than having bouquets that clash with the rest of your wedding (including your bridesmaids dresses).

Bunch Of Pink Spring Tulips blooming for Easter and Valentine's day

5. Make sure it’s comfortable.

You will be carrying your bouquet for most of the day. You want a bouquet that you will be able to carry around easily. You don’t want anything that’s heavy or too bulky. You also don’t want to look awkward in your photos because it is too cumbersome.

Edmonton wedding. Beautiful Paper bouquet.

6. Consider the size and shape of it.

This goes back to making sure it’s comfortable, but also so it’s not overpowering your dress. Also, if it’s covering the best part of your dress, that’s not a good thing either. If you have a beautiful belt, or embellishments….Make sure your bouquet is small enough that it’s not going to cover those details.

wedding flowers and sign

7. Choose something that will be durable on your wedding day.

You don’t want your bouquet falling apart early in the day. Pick a flower or something else that will hold up for the entire day. This could also go for my friend’s popcorn bouquet. She will need to make sure that the popcorn will not get destroyed through-out the day.

Close up of a beautiful bouquet. Hotel Macdonald wedding.


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