7 things to Consider When Picking Your Wedding Date

On January 6, 2016

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There are many things to consider when picking your wedding date. It’s not just “Oh, well the venue we want is available then, so that’s when we’re getting married”.

Here are 7 things to consider when picking your wedding date.


1. Is it a significant day within your family and friends for another reason?

Is it someone else’s anniversary/ birthday/wedding day?  Is it on a day of an event that your family always attends? Is it a time that you know that your family normally takes a vacation? You may want to even make sure it’s not Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Family Day. On a different note, you also do not want to plan your wedding during a time when some of your guests might be fasting for religious reasons. All of these things must be considered.

2. Are there other events going on in the city on that day?

There are dance competitions, minor hockey playoffs, Lacrosse playoffs, and special concerts that can book up hotels very quickly. I used to work in the hotel industry and these weekends were booked up almost a year in advance. If you expect to have guests from out of town, you really want to make sure your wedding date does not fall on one of these weekends.

3. Are there races or fundraisers going on that weekend?

Edmonton has many different types of races and fundraisers going on in the summer months. Click here to go to a website with a list of races going on in Edmonton. You may think this isn’t a big deal, but they can make traffic in the city a nightmare. There are also fundraisers like Pets in the Park that can completely bog down Saskatchewan Drive around Hawrelak Park. You must consider these things, especially when you have different venues for your ceremony and reception.

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4. Is it a long weekend?

People usually go away for long weekends, or have plans for them pretty far in advance. For the most part, you don’t want your friends and family to drop their plans for your wedding; and in some cases they won’t, so they won’t attend your wedding.

5. Are there Sports finals going on that weekend?

Finals like the Grey Cup, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Major League Baseball Playoffs, and the Tim Horton’s Brier can really interfere with your wedding for many reasons.  If you or your guests are a die-hard fan, you probably don’t want to have your wedding on that day. In some cases, some guest might not even go to your wedding because they want to watch the game.

6. Is it an unlucky day?

Some couples are superstitious and don’t want to get married on an unlucky day. There’s the usual Friday the 13th, but there are other days that you might not think of automatically. There’s the Ides of March which is March 15th. Leap Years and the day February 29th. I know that there are other times (and dates) that certain cultures consider unlucky to get married as well; do some digging if you consider this important.

7. Is there another big event at your venue?

You may just assume that if your venue can hold two or more events, that everything is fine. But you also need to consider the parking in the area. Not all venues have ample parking and this can really be annoying for your guests. You also want to consider what type of event is going on as well.  You don’t necessarily want to have a rave going on while you’re walking down the aisle.

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