Cravings Artisan Gelato, A Really Unique Wedding Vendor In Edmonton

On January 17, 2018

gelato setup-Cravings Gelato-Edmonton Wedding Gelato Set up

I love weddings that are unconventional. I truly believe that weddings stand out when they are

personalized for the couple getting married. I think it also makes the wedding a little more special

for everyone.

This year, couples are integrating uncommon types of food into their wedding. We are starting to see food trucks, barbecues, cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, and lots of other really neat food ideas. I love these new designs with food because they make the wedding so unique!


I had the pleasure of meeting with Charlynn of Cravings Artisan Gelato a while back. Meeting her certainly got my wheels spinning. I began coming up with plans for gelato bars at weddings.  I truly love the idea.  I might add, that I was also able to try Charlynn’s amazing Chai gelato. Just thinking about it now, I want more!

I asked her a few questions about her business. Here is what she had to say….

Why did you choose this career?

I chose a gelato business not directly. I was led to it by having a wonderful vacation in Italy. My first experience of eating gelato was epic and literally divine! The experience was very notable so on my 2nd trip to Italy I began to explore the possibilities of creating a business back in Canada. I found a course in Italy to make gelato and then I came home and started the process of creating the business.

Why are you interested in the wedding industry?

I am interested in weddings because I think gelato is such a beautiful desert and such a lovely food to eat that a wedding is a perfect setting for all to enjoy. It is classy but not stuffy and is great for all ages. To find something that everyone can enjoy is difficult, so gelato is the perfect desert. Gelato flavours can be seasonal and perfectly unique to each wedding, so tailoring it for each wedding is fun for me and the wedding itself.

Tell me about your gelato set up. You mentioned a dry ice set up before.

My gelato set up can be quick and is very compact. I do not take over a space but rather I compliment and add to the wedding with style and taste. My gelato is gourmet, handmade and beautifully presented. I am “powered” by dry ice so I can last as long as I have ice. It is important that the wedding party communicates how long they want my services and then I plan accordingly. Generally, a wedding likes to have my bar around 2 hours if they want it between the wedding and the reception. But I am very flexible with time.

gelato setup-Cravings Gelato-Edmonton Wedding Gelato Set up

Do you offer specific packages or is everything customized?

I have a general price for the size of the wedding and servings needed, but after that everything is customized with flavours, flowers and time needed to serve the guests. Also, I can accommodate any size of wedding. Big or small, winter or summer, spring or fall , gelato is a perfect and enjoyable  desert.

Are you just serving the Edmonton area, or do you travel as well?

I will and have travelled for events and weddings. If it is not around Edmonton, I will charge extra for travelling time. But all in all, distance is not a problem within reason. It is all in the planning of ice.

What’s your personal favorite gelato?

I have many personal favourites. I love the pear marscapone and black sesame seed and grapefruit. I also have enjoyed making and tasting the champagne sorbetto’s.

If you could convey one piece of advice to the readers, what would it be?

As for advice, I would say that ‘Gelato is truly ice-cream with romance’. Whether you offer a gelato bar in addition to, or in place of a traditional wedding cake, cupcakes or candy bar, your guests will be impressed. Cravings gelato is made with love and is crafted in small batches creating dense rich flavors. Your wedding will be extra memorable.


Interested in having a gelato bar at your wedding? Contact Charlynn Odegard
phone #: (780) 314-8277






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