Inviting A Guest To Only The Dance Part of Your Wedding

On August 26, 2015

rsz_41Recently a friend of mine was invited to a wedding…Well sort of. It was worded so that she was only invited to the dance part of the wedding.

I guess there are many reasons to make this sort of invite, like cutting the cost of the overall wedding, allowing for pity invites, a way to get more friends at your wedding etcetera.
To me, this is completely wrong. Chances are good that the guest that got that invite doesn’t feel very good about that invite anyway. There are other ways to deal with this predicament.


Bride And Groom Enjoying Meal At Wedding Reception


1. Save the pity invite completely.

Sometimes that friend just doesn’t need to be invited at all. It’s less awkward for everyone if they are just left out. Most of the time, that person knows that they shouldn’t be invited.

2. It is recommended to have an extra table at your reception.

This is for guests that didn’t RSVP and for unexpected guests. If you really want this particular person at your wedding, place them at that table.


Bride and groom having fun outside


3. Plan something else for this friend.

Have a night out with the two of you. Don’t talk about your wedding!

4. If cost is the problem, hire a wedding planner!

We can give you advice like telling you to reduce the time that liquor is being served or have your wedding on a different day than Saturday.


Happy couple kissing on their wedding day in front of their dream home in London

Personally, I believe that if you didn’t think of them originally, they shouldn’t be invited. Weddings don’t have to be enormous! Invite the people who matter the most.

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