What a Wedding Planner Does for Day-Of Coordination (Month-Of Coordination)

On May 20, 2015

Happy bride and groom in a black car on wedding day ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

Most wedding planners offer a package that we like to call “day-of” or “month-of” coordination (just so we’re clear, these are the same package. It really just depends on who you’re talking to).This is the package I recommend for couples that have most of their wedding planned already, but would like support with managing the actual wedding day.


We will take a look at all of your contracts and make sure everything is in place.

I’ve had couples that have said that they don’t require this, but to be honest, everyone needs this. This is so that we know what’s going on. This is our study information so that your day goes off with a hitch. We can’t do our job properly on your wedding day without this information.

We will discuss your décor needs before your wedding day.

We don’t mind doing a little bit of décor set up on your wedding day. We also completely agree with the fact that your guests should be guests at your wedding.



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We attend your rehearsal.

We need to make sure we know what the plan is for the ceremony as well. Everyone does things slightly different.

We bring back-up with us.

For this package, we have an assistant with us for the day. They are certified wedding planners as well, and they are eager to help make your day perfect.

We will help you with the last minute details.

Need someone to pick up the bouquets/corsages and make sure they get to each person? We can definitely help you out.



Photo by Crystalized Memories. Bouquet made by The Paper Wedding by Carmen

At your wedding, we will keep everyone to their timeline.

We are making sure vendors are in place as well as the bridal party.

We become the go-to person.

Vendors come to us with questions now. You are able to sit back and enjoy your wedding day.

We will help your vendors if we feel they need it.

For example, if your caterer is falling behind with clearing, we will be out there assisting them. We work together as a team to make sure your day is going as planned.

We carry emergency kits on your wedding day.

Read about mine here. It’s got just about everything in it.


Our assistant will be there while your wedding photos are being taken.

They can hold your items for you, and are more than willing to run and get something for you.

We will literally do just about anything to make sure your day goes off without a hitch.

Read my blog entry about the crazy things I’ve done at weddings.



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I highly suggest that everyone hires a wedding planner for at least this package. I promise you I am not just saying that. Don’t you want to be a guest at your own wedding?


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