7 Things You Should Never DIY For Your Wedding

On August 23, 2017

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Weddings are expensive, and our economy is definitely not as strong as it has been in the past. I see more and more couples trying to do things themselves to cut the cost of their wedding. I am not against DIY, in fact in some situations it adds that special something to the wedding. However, there are things that I don’t recommend DIY’ing.

Here are 7 things that you should never DIY for your wedding.


1. Hair

Hiring a professional to do your hair will cut so much time and stress. They are professionals, so they’re going to do your hair exactly how you want it and fast. Like it or not, your wedding day is going to be busy…You don’t want to be worrying about your hair and spending too much time on it.

2. Make-up

Sure you know how to do your make-up! I am not saying that you don’t. If you a hire a professional though, they have techniques to make the make-up last all day. You won’t need touch ups and you will always be photo ready. Speaking of photos too, professional make- up artists know exactly what looks stunning in photos. I’ve seen instances where DIY make-up looked fine in real life and awful in the photos. You don’t have to worry about looking oily or like a ghost if you hire a professional.

3. Flowers

For the most part, flowers can’t be done in the weeks before your wedding. They pretty much need to be done the day before your wedding. You will have so much to do on the day before your wedding, that it’s just too much to expect yourself to make beautiful flower arrangements as well. Most florists will deliver and set everything up as well. That means you have more time to relax and get ready for your wedding.


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4. Photography

This really is my pet peeve. Nothing bugs me more than couples cutting corners with their photography. To me, you want to remember your wedding forever….So having great photos is a must. I’ve met so many couples that were disappointed with their wedding photos because they had such a small budget for the photography. I’ve even heard of couples re-doing their wedding photos which essentially made them spend more money than necessary.

5. Day-of-coordination

Okay, so maybe this is my pet peeve too…But not because I want to be hired though. I truly believe that it’s way too much to expect a guest to do my job at your wedding; and they should be your GUEST which means they shouldn’t be working at your wedding. Not to mention that I actually do way more behind the scenes things that you (and your guests) are not aware of. AND I have a valid business license and insurance if anything should go wrong. The difference between me and your friend/family member coordinating your wedding can essentially change the entire outcome of your wedding.

6. Food

Even if you’re a chef, I think you should hire a catering company to do your food. Again, food is something that has to be done in the days before, and on your wedding day. You don’t have time to worry about cooking everything. Plus a catering company will know exactly how much food you will need. They will also know how many staff they will need to work at your wedding, and they will have those staff trained and ready. That also means that you don’t need to worry about having guests work at your wedding.

7. Music

Think an iPod wedding is the way to go? Wrong. Hire a professional DJ. Professional DJ’s will be able to work with your guests and get them excited about your wedding. That’s what you want, right? You want your guests to have a great time! Your taste in music doesn’t always work for all of your guests. Plus, who’s going to look after the iPod? I have actually seen a fight over who plays the music at a wedding!! No joke! I’d also like to mention that there are licenses you need to play music at your wedding. A DJ will have this already, or point you in the right direction to get them, so it’s a simple stress-free thing.


Take it from me, if you don’t DIY these items, your day will be so much less stressful!


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