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8 Wedding Outtakes That You Will Wish You Witnessed For Yourself

As a wedding planner, I witness a lot of funny things at weddings. I guess in a sense, my job is to oversee everything. So it’s not that surprising that I witness so many  unique moments. Here are some of my favorite funny moments. HAHA, maybe not so much the “breathless moments” but they are […]

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5 Things You Must Know About Your Wedding Invitations

Invitations tend to come with a lot of questions. “When should they be sent out” and “what should be sent out” are very common questions. Anika Loewen, of Wedding Designs by Anika, and I were discussing this a while back. I thought I’d fill you all in on what we came up with. Here are […]

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9 Thing That Will Help You Embrace A Perfect Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be the most important day of your life. Sometimes it seems like ridiculous unimportant things slowly add to a day that isn’t as great as it can be. Over the years, I’ve come to notice a few things that couples always wish they prioritized on their wedding day. Here they are… […]

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Cravings Artisan Gelato, A Really Unique Wedding Vendor In Edmonton

I love weddings that are unconventional. I truly believe that weddings stand out when they are personalized for the couple getting married. I think it also makes the wedding a little more special for everyone. This year, couples are integrating uncommon types of food into their wedding. We are starting to see food trucks, barbecues, […]

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Thoughtful Gifts for that Special Someone on Valentine’s Day

I like Valentine’s Day because it’s a day set aside to express how important the ones we love are.  That being said though, I don’t necessarily believe that a lot of money should be spent on it. I’m a fan of DIY gifts, love letters and small thoughtful gifts. They have so much more meaning, […]

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5 Times You Should be Giving Your Wedding Guests a Plus One

Someone I know, really wants me to address the elephant in the room on my blog today….When should you give your guests a plus one to your wedding. This is tough because those extra people definitely add to the overall cost of your wedding. However, you really don’t want to hurt your valued friends and […]

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