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10 Steps on How to Hire a Great Wedding Planner

I have read so many horror stories over the last 24 hours (about couples hiring “wedding planners” that completely ruined their day), that I thought I would revisit how to hire a wedding planner. I promise you, we aren’t all cut from the same cloth! I find it completely heartbreaking when I read   I’m […]

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12 Ways to Honor a Lost Loved One at Your Wedding

Couples are finding it hard to honor family and friends that have passed on. It’s one of those things where anything goes though. If you feel it will honor your loved one then do it! There are no wrongs when it comes to these things. Here are 12 ideas to honor a loved one that […]

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Relieve Stress by Remembering These 10 Things About Your Wedding

  Your wedding should be a special day! You shouldn’t look back on it and be unhappy with how it turned out. You should look back and remember a beautiful joyous day. Here are some things I think you should remember when planning your wedding and during your wedding. These 10 things will help you […]

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It’s Time to Check Out the Recently Remodelled Century Casino in St. Albert

Last Tuesday evening I was invited to a private dinner showcasing the enticing venue at Century Casino St. Albert. I am so glad that I went! The banquet room is stunning and so versatile for any wedding. The gourmet dinner that was served on Tuesday was provided by Executive Chef Michel Rey and it was truly amazing […]

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8 Reasons Why You Must Get Photos Taken Before Your Wedding Ceremony

Lately I’ve had a lot of couples ask me about first look photos and getting photos taken before the wedding ceremony. For a lot of couples, this just isn’t an option because of tradition/old wives tales etcetera. However, it’s becoming more and more popular for many reasons! Here are 8 reasons why you might want […]

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New Beginnings-Baby Shower Held at the Delta Edmonton South Hotel and Conference Centre

    I’m serious when I say I have an infatuation with events, it’s not just weddings that I love. I like attending them, working at them, and planning them…ALL. On April 26, I had the honour of assisting with a beautiful baby shower. This is an event that I am really excited to tell […]

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