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The Inside Scoop on Wedding Stationery from Wedding Design by Anika

So often I hear from my clients that they don’t understand why anyone would purchase their wedding stationery online. However, I still see several posts on Facebook wedding buy and sell pages that have most of the brides/grooms recommending Vistaprint over a local designer. Anika, of Wedding Design by Anika, and I thought that we […]

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Lexi and Richard’s Gorgeous Edmonton Wedding

When I met with Lexi, I knew that I had to be a part of her wedding! Her wedding ideas were so unique, and she was such a sweet person to boot. The bridesmaids wore sensational blue flower patterned dresses that went perfectly with the bouquets. Even their morning robes matched the theme.   The […]

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7 Reasons Why it’s Imperative to Have a Seating Plan at Your Wedding

I’ve been asked a few times lately why couples should have a seating plan for their wedding. There are actually many reasons why you should. I highly suggest making one, even though it’s a really tough job to work through. Trust me; it will benefit you, your caterer, your wedding planner and most importantly your […]

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10 Steps on How to Hire a Great Wedding Planner

I have read so many horror stories over the last 24 hours (about couples hiring “wedding planners” that completely ruined their day), that I thought I would revisit how to hire a wedding planner. I promise you, we aren’t all cut from the same cloth! I find it completely heartbreaking when I read   I’m […]

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12 Ways to Honor a Lost Loved One at Your Wedding

Couples are finding it hard to honor family and friends that have passed on. It’s one of those things where anything goes though. If you feel it will honor your loved one then do it! There are no wrongs when it comes to these things. Here are 12 ideas to honor a loved one that […]

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Relieve Stress by Remembering These 10 Things About Your Wedding

  Your wedding should be a special day! You shouldn’t look back on it and be unhappy with how it turned out. You should look back and remember a beautiful joyous day. Here are some things I think you should remember when planning your wedding and during your wedding. These 10 things will help you […]

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