10 Reasons Why Choosing to Elope Could Be the Best Decision You’ll Make

On September 14, 2016

Gorgeous bride and groom kissing and hugging near the cliffs with stunning views.

Not all couples who elope do it at City Hall. There are many other options if you’d prefer to elope. There are also a lot of other reasons why you’d choose to elope. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t want a wedding ceremony and reception.


Here are 10 reasons why you might want to consider eloping


1. You can still have a really unique ceremony

I love elopements because they can be so different. The sky truly is the limit here! Think FAR outside the box with this one!

2. It can be small and intimate

No one said that you have to have a massive wedding with hundreds of guests. Eloping allows you to have that small and intimate affair.

3. You can elope almost anywhere your heart desires

It can be at an awesome destination, or even just at a location that has meaning to you.

4. You can still have family at an elopement

No one said that an elopement has to be just you and your fiancé. You can have whoever you want there with you. This seems to be a common misconception.


Wedding couple near old retro bus car


5. There is no need for traditional wedding clothing

Brides don’t have to wear a tradition white dress, and grooms don’t have to wear the tradition tuxedo. Wear what make you happy (but I think you should do this even if you plan on having the tradition type of wedding. If you’re not comfortable, you’re not going to be at your best).

6. No need for a wedding party

I think this is more common for elopements, but it is still a nice perk sometimes. It saves a lot of stress because it can be tough to pick a wedding party. There are a lot of expectations about wedding parties.

7. You can still get amazing wedding photos

Elopement photos are usually my favorite photos. They have so much emotion that makes the pictures so stunning.

8. It can be financially more affordable

Let face it, Alberta’s economy isn’t that strong right now. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get married though!

9. You can elope faster than plan a traditional wedding

Elopements are supposed to be sort of last minute. It will save the waiting time.

10. It’s no long about the “big wedding”. It’s about love.

To me, this is the mostly why I love elopements. They are about the love of two people not everything else a wedding can sometimes bring.


Same sex female couple having fun on dock near lake


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