My Emergency Kit Exposed!

On December 19, 2014

The Inside of my Kit

I am always asked why I carry around an emergency kit for weddings. I’m not going to lie; I carry some of it around with me every day. I call it my mini emergency kit. I feel so lost without it. My friends and family have just come to expect me to have certain things with me all of the time. I always have sunscreen, baby wipes, hand lotion, Advil, Tylenol, Motrin, Tylenol cold, tweezers, mints, gum, tissue, Band-Aid’s, hand sanitizer, eye drops, cold medicine, a comb, Tide-To-Go pen, a mini screwdriver (thinking about this now, I’m not sure how I’ve managed to carry this around for so long. I’ve brought it to events and everything!), lip balm, deodorant, halls and nasal decongestants. Seriously though, this stuff comes out almost daily. I try to cut my kit down or not bring it at all, and I feel like I am missing a limb.

My big wedding day emergency kit contains even more essentials. I’ve shown my kit to several different people and I always get the same reaction. They can’t believe that my little bag (14” x 10”x 5.5 “) can hold so many things. They are also always amazed at how well organized it is. I explain to them that I never know what might happen at a wedding. I need all of the items, and I need to be able to find them quickly.


My Emergency Kit

Now I will tell you some examples of how this kit has saved some of my clients’ weddings. I’ve had groomsmen lose their buttons, so I had to use my thread and needles. A flower girl was really hungry and the dinner was not for a while, so I gave her a few of the granola bars from my kit. I’ve had a lady in the wedding party that needed a tampon, so I gave her one.  I’ve had to use my lint remover on a groom’s suit before the ceremony. I’ve used my Tide-To-Go pen and baby wipes on Brides’ and bridesmaids dresses. I’ve lent my extension cord to a hairdresser and a venue manager. I always use my safety pins, pins, tape and scissors for decoration set up. I’ve wiped tables with baby wipes. I’ve also given children some hand sanitizer because their parents were not sure if they washed their hands. I’ve given my water bottles to the bridal party. I’ve given a bride some oil blotters to use before pictures. There are several other items that I use lots too…I could probably keep going for a while. If you see something interesting in my kit, ask me why I have it or how I’ve used it in the past. I probably have a good story to go with it.

I realize that anyone can find a list of items that they might need at their wedding (I’ve seen lots on Pinterest). Any bridal party member can carry the kit around too. But I believe that if you just have the kit, no wedding planner, you won’t use that kit to its best potential. Wedding planners tend to see more of the wedding, so they can help in random spots. They also know from past experiences what works the best for each situation. Do you know what takes red wine stains out? Do you know what takes blood out? Do you know how to cover that annoying mark on your wedding dress? I do.


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  • Niki what about 2 sided tape..?? just in case…

    • I have every type of tape in my emergency kit (double,electric,scotch, duct, masking…). I don’t carry those around with me on a daily basis though. Well actually, I sort of do. I have them in my car usually.

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