8 Times a Wedding Planner’s Emergency Kit Has Saved a Wedding

On July 5, 2016

Happy bride and groom in a black car on wedding day ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

A few weeks ago, I was waiting in line for a movie screening when the man in front of me started to panic. I realized that he had bent over and the crotch of his pants ripped. I didn’t want to embarrass him by letting on that I knew what had happened, but I also knew that I could help him.

My emergency kit came to the rescue. I pulled out my handy sewing kit from my purse. Unfortunately, because it was his pants…He had to do the sewing himself in the bathroom. That didn’t go over very well so we went to plan two. Duct tape; which I just happened to have in my car. I ran to my car and retrieved the tape from my trunk (yes, it is always in my car, as is a lot of other useful things). He taped up his pants and he was able to wait in line for the movie without any fear.


Over the years, my emergency kit has come in handy on several occasions at weddings and also just during my regular days. Here are a few times that my lovely kit saved the day!


1. The groom realized he had deodorant on his suit

I pulled out my stain removers and baby wipes. You wouldn’t know that anything had happened! He was back to being a dashing groom!

2. The bride needed a tampon

The emotional and hormonal toll of weddings, creates stress on the body and can bring on early or laten the menstrual cycle. These things happen, so I carry feminine hygiene products with me.

3. The flower girl decided that playing in the garden was a good idea

Or maybe I should say that she was playing in dirt, because she had dirt all over. I should mention that she was wearing a white flower girl dress! This was just minutes before the ceremony too! Again, I pulled out the stain removers and baby wipes.


Bride and groom having fun outside


4. A button popped off a groomsmen’s suit

I pulled out my handy dandy sewing kit and we got that button back in the correct spot.

5. My skirt ripped

On rehearsal days I usually wear a skirt because I like wearing skirts. One day, the back of my skirt just decided that it didn’t want to be together anymore. Luckily I was alone, so it wasn’t too embarrassing. I pulled out my sewing kit and my skirt was like new again.

6. The wedding party played in the mud

Okay, so they weren’t “playing” in the mud. They were getting their pictures taken and some areas were very muddy. Their shoes and feet were black! I ended up using a bunch of baby wipes to make sure they looked great for the reception.

7. The flowers needed some help

Wedding bouquets take a toll on hot summer days. I carry an Evian spray to add a little moisture back to the flowers.

8. Oil blotters to the rescue

Nothing is worse than looking at your wedding photos and realizing that your skin looks oily in all of them. That is why I carry oil blotters. Before your big cameo, I’ll hand you one if I notice that you’re looking a little oily.


Young wedding couple on summer meadow


These are just a few of the situations that I’ve encountered over the years. I really do use my kit almost on a daily basis! I absolutely use it for every wedding too!


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