A Wedding Planner’s Favorite Parts of Weddings

On September 16, 2015


Everyone always asks me what my favorite part of a wedding is. I can honestly say there isn’t a minute I don’t enjoy. Even those times when I am crazy busy, I love every minute.

However, there are a few parts that I absolutely cannot live without. Those parts that make me comprehend that I have to be a wedding planner…I am meant to be a wedding planner.

Here are 6 of my favorite things about weddings and being a wedding planner.


1. The first dance.

I love the first dance because it’s the moment you can truly witness the love and excitement of the bride and groom. You are able to watch their faces as they look at each other…It’s as if no one else is in the room but the two of them.

Bride and groom sharing a moment

2. The personalization of each wedding.

I observe many weddings, whether it be in real life, online, in print, and through other people talking. I truly believe it’s important to add your own zest to your wedding. It’s those personalized touches that add so much more to the wedding and that I truly love.

Photo by Jill Coursen Photography

3. The speeches.

I am able to hear some amazing quotes about love and see the love between the couple. I’ve mentioned before that when I first started, a bride said in her speech “without rain, there are no rainbows”. It’s these statements that keep the romance there for me.

Emotional couple during wedding speeches

4. Seeing the kids dancing.

My all-time favorite moment of kids dancing was when some young kids were dancing to Gagnam Style. It was truly impressive. But in general, it’s just the happiness of the kids when they’re dancing. I think we all need to be more like them. We need to let loose and just have fun sometimes.


5. The conversations before the ceremony.

Believe me, I’ve heard everything. I’ll leave some of it to your imagination because I just can’t write it here. Overall though, it’s the excitement and anticipation that I find so drawing. I feel grateful to see those tiny moments because not many other people ever get to see them.

Happy couple kissing on their wedding day in front of their dream home in London

6. The gifts from the heart.

Every so often a bride or groom gives me a letter to give to their husband-to-be/wife-to-be. I get to see the reactions of the receiver. Again, it’s one of those moments that no one else gets to watch, and that really is too bad. It’s so beautiful. It’s one of those moments that everyone would see that love is real.

Happy couple on wedding day. Bride and Groom. Vintage wedding.


It’s not about the “wedding” part of the wedding. It’s about witnessing the love of two people surrounded by the love of their families…Becoming one big family.

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