13 Tips That Will Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Planner

On February 15, 2017

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 It’s that time of year when couples are trying to decide if they want to hire a wedding planner. It can also be seriously overwhelming when you are attempting to pick a company that will be the best for you!

Here are some things I suggest doing when looking for the perfect wedding planner.


1. When inquiring info from us, include your wedding date.

PLEASE DO THIS! It will save both of us so much time. If you don’t have a date set, give us a rough estimate of when you hope to get married. Most of us are almost fully booked for 2017, so the more information we know, the better.

2. Contact the planners that have a working business e-mail.

They probably aren’t an established business if they’re e-mailing you with their Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo dot com account. You want the best wedding planner working for you, the best have a working business email and website.

3. Make sure that the planner offers the package you are looking for.

Some planners do it all; others only offer specifics such as just Full Coordination, just Day-Of Coordination, or just Destination Wedding planning. Finding out this information first can save you a lot of time! Breathless Moments offers all packages and offers custom packages as well.


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4.Make sure the wedding planner is certified.

It’s okay to ask for certificates/diplomas/degrees. We are given them so that we can show them off and prove that we have an education. Most of the time, the “planner” that planned her own wedding so now she wants to plan your wedding is not the type of planner you want to hire.

5. It’s okay to ask for their business license and insurance.

This will also prove that they are a company that is successful within the event industry. Without these two items, you are just asking for problems if you hire them.

6. Don’t plan on getting a quote right off the bat.

We know that you want a quote to see if hiring a wedding planner is in your budget. However, you should stay away from the planners that will quote you without getting more details. All weddings are different and it’s impossible to quote a wedding without knowing certain details about the wedding. We need to know where the wedding we be held, guest counts, wedding party size, wedding budget , times of the ceremony and reception, décor details ect.

If a wedding planner is quoting you in their original email….BEWARE. They are probably not that interested in your wedding specifically (it’s more about the money to them). I always ask my potential clients questions before we meet and before I write a quote for them. That being said, I can give you my minimum price, but lots of things affect that price.


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7. Meet with the wedding planner before you hire them.

We’re all different and you want to make sure we’re the best fit for you. It’s okay to meet with a few planners too! Most of the time, if we feel we are not a fit for you, we will recommend a different planner to you.  Most of the good planners in Edmonton actually know each other and have worked together. We know who is good at certain types of weddings.

8. Ask about our company and how we started out.

Again, this will help you find out if the planner just planned their own wedding and wants to start a company. Most of the reputable planners have worked under a successful planner and then built up their own company.

9. We love talking about weddings and what we offer.

We are aware that most couples do not know exactly what we do. Ask away. We are happy to answer any of your questions! We don’t bite!! Don’t be shy. We want this to be a great experience for you!


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10. Know that no contract is set in stone before you sign it.

If you feel something needs to be edited, we don’t mind. We know that no two weddings are the same, so neither should our contracts.

11. Recognize that we want your wedding to be the way you want it.

We all truly have a love for weddings, and we want your wedding to go off without a hitch. We don’t want to take it over and kibosh all of your ideas. We want to work with you to make your dreams come true. If we’re suggesting different vendors/ideas/decor, there is definitely a reason for it. It’s not because we’ve envisioned a completely different wedding for you.

12. Hire a planner that follows a code of ethics.

I am a wedding planner that is certified through WPIC. We follow a code of ethics that is very strict. WPIC alumni will NOT accept kickbacks. This means that when we recommend vendors, we are not recommending them because they are paying us. We are recommending them because we consider them excellent companies.

13. Wedding vendors are not in it for the money (including wedding planners).

Take a look at what you pay us, and then spread it over a year. Also remember that there are only so many wedding days; which means there are only so many clients we can take on. We all also work very hard for you during the planning and at the actual wedding. We do it because we love weddings and the atmosphere that comes with it; not because of the money. I promise you.


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Hopefully I have answered some of your questions about wedding planners. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions. I really do love talking about weddings.


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