6 Things to Have Before You Meet With Your Florist

On May 4, 2016

3333Last week I attended a WPIC seminar at FaBLOOMosity. Not only was it wonderful to see their new location, but the seminar was so informative. I am really glad that I attended. They had some wonderful suggestions for couples looking into purchasing their wedding flowers.


Here are 6 things they suggested that you should have/know before you purchase your wedding florals.

1. Have your dress

Florals designers can learn so much from just looking at your dress. Plus they are then able to design a bouquet that accents that dress perfectly. You don’t want a bouquet that is going to overpower your dress, but you also don’t want something that isn’t going to be not enough.

2. Have your bridesmaids’ dresses

This will also show more details about your wedding, but most importantly will give a true match of the colors of your wedding. It will also help the designer accent your bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly.




3. Know your venues

This will allow the floral designer to design the perfect florals around your venue as well. They also know what usually works in certain venues and will be able to work around that for a unique centerpiece. There are also certain venues that really have a particular feel, and they will be able to incorporate that into the flowers as well.

4. Have photos of your decorations, lighting, wedding colors and linens

Again, this will just help the designer pull everything together. The florals should be one of your last steps.

5. Have 3 words that describe your wedding

It’s important for a floral designer to really understand what you are expecting. With these three words, it is a little bit easier to figure that out. I usually ask you this question too ;).

6. Know your budget and don’t be afraid to say it.

They also tried to state the importance that their first meeting was about your dream and vision. Budget does not come in to play yet. They are able to work with any budget, so it’s better to figure out the vision first. From there, they will ask your budget. They stressed that you do not say “budget is not an issue” because everyone does actually have a budget. Be honest and give them your numbers. Again, they can work within every budget so there is no right or wrong here.


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Big thanks to FaBLOOMosity for giving some great advice to us!


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