5 Reasons Why Garden Weddings Are the Best Types of Weddings

On November 4, 2015

Happy bride and groom in a black car on wedding day ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

I absolutely love garden weddings. There’s just something about them that calls to me. They are elegant and beautiful before the wedding is even added to them.

Here are 5 reasons I think you should have a garden wedding!


1. They make for beautiful wedding pictures.

Gardens tend to have something different in each section of them. This will add unique colors, shapes and textures to your wedding photos. You’re also able to get very different shots without changing locations. Maybe this will work in your favor if you’re hoping for some posed shots with your guests as well.

2. They can accommodate weddings during all times of the day.

Thinking about having a brunch wedding, or an early afternoon appetizer wedding? Garden weddings can definitely work in your favor for these types of weddings. Garden weddings allow you to change things up a little bit because they are available during the day and can be a little more relaxed. That being said though, they can also fashion a really classy high tea sort of wedding.


Ceremony at the Devonian Botanic Gardens


3. You do not need much décor.

Gardens already have flowers and beautiful pieces on the property.  There isn’t much need to bring in a large amount of flowers or other items.

4. They allow for various amounts of guests.

Outdoor locations can usually accommodate large and small amounts of guests. If you are having a small intimate wedding, garden weddings will definitely allow for that intimate feel. They also work really well for larger weddings because it’s usually easy enough to expand the area. Gardens are usually fairly large.

5. Many styles can work with an outdoor wedding.

Garden weddings can be rustic, classic, modern ect. It’s completely up to you. Although it may not seem like they can be any style (because of the garden design), they actually are probably the most accepting to unique designs.




Come to think of it, with all of these great things about garden weddings, that’s probably why I love them. Do you need help planning your garden wedding? I’d love to help you!


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