Why It Was Important For Me to Get Gay Wedding Institute Certified

On September 27, 2017


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It has always been important to me to get Gay Wedding Institute Certified.  I’ve actually signed up for the 14 Stories course three times now! The first two times the course was cancelled because not enough people signed up for it.

When I got the e-mail stating that it was now a course that you can do online and at your own pace, I signed up that instant. Here are 6 reasons why it was so important for me to take this course.


1. Some of my closest family members are gay

My family is important to me. Getting certified to understand the unique needs and concerns of the LGBT community just made sense to me; it was something that I had to do.

2. I love unique weddings

I love when my clients have wild ideas like having a carnival as their wedding reception, or Chinese dragon dance (actually any cultural aspect added to their wedding), or circus trapeze artists, or belly dancers, or a Moulin Rouge theme, or drag queens as entertainment.  It’s important that I don’t cut out a whole community that has these types of weddings just because I’m not certified.


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3. I want to know as much as I can about weddings

I love all weddings. I want to know everything about them. Taking this course was another step in doing just that.

4. I’m always furthering my education

It’s important to me to always be learning new things about the wedding industry. The wedding industry changes yearly, so it’s imperative to stay with the times. I try to attend as many wedding related things as possible.

5. I will always choose a business that supports equal rights over one that doesn’t

Because I grew up with a family that has gay people in it, I will always support businesses that support them. I realized that by getting certified, I will be a business that supports the LGBT community fully.




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