Goodbye 2013…Hello 2014

On December 28, 2013

With 2014 approaching so quickly, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for happy memories of years past and see visions of the future. What I love most about New Year’s is how everyone comes together and celebrates. I remember the New Year’s parties my family would attend when I was a child, how fascinated I was by all the festivals outside, and watching the fireworks from my room. I looked forward to it every year. As pre-teen, I used to enjoy First Night (a festival once held every New Year’s Eve in downtown Edmonton). I still love the fireworks, and I am drawn to giant crowds of people and all the excitement. It’s a huge event which everyone shares in, regardless of their background or beliefs. I can see myself spending it one year in New York – I think all of us hope to do that at least once.

This holiday season I keep thinking about my dreams for the coming year and my vision for a New Year’s Eve wedding. I have it all planned out – a high class, very dressy black tie affair at the top of a beautiful hotel for the reception, with a view of the fireworks. It would be a small, intimate wedding with only 40-50 guests. The colours: black and gold/silver.rsz_fireworks The favours: special noise makers. The theme itself: a masquerade ball, and when the clocks strike midnight, the masks all come off and champagne is served. The dinner: a luxurious meal served over several courses via Hand Service with white gloves and all. The plates would have clock chargers too. Such a wedding and reception would not only be romantic, but beautiful, with all the glamour of the film New Year’s Eve.


I’ve also been thinking about the direction I want to take Breathless Moments, how I want to be known for the weddings that no one else has ever done, the volunteer work I continue to thrive on, and putting more and more of my heart and soul into this passion. Being entrusted with the personal moments in time which can never be reclaimed is an honour and a sacred duty, and I feel blessed to be performing it every day.


And so this New Year’s Eve I will be raising a glass to all the wonderful couples I’ve had the pleasure to work with and all the amazing people I will be meeting in the future. May there be peace, love and joy for all.


Happy New Year!


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