7 Ways to Make Your Guests Feel Appreciated at Your Wedding

On October 7, 2015

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I wanted to talk about how you can thank your guests at your wedding. Lately, I’ve heard a lot about “how expensive weddings are” and that their guests should just be “grateful they were invited”.

Weddings should be about love and support, showing that you’re grateful that your guests came is also an important part of that. Here are 7 things that will make every guest feel appreciated at your wedding.


1. Invite every guest to all parts of your wedding.

There should be no “dance only invites”. No “ceremony only invites”. Trust me, these invites come off as a pity invite or just make you look rude.


Photo by Brandi Guzman


2. Seat your guests with care.

When planning your seating plan, take your guests into consideration. Don’t seat ex’s right beside each other, don’t put your grandma right by the DJ (or the speakers), put your family by the head table so that they are close to you, put the bridal party’s date close to your bridal party.

Also at your ceremony, reserve the first two or three rows for family members.

3. Have an open bar.

Do not make your guests pay for drinks at your wedding! There are so many ways to keep the cost low, so that is not an excuse at all. Limit what alcohol you are serving, limit when you are serving alcohol, have just signature drinks, do not serve premium alcohol, you can go as far as changing the time of your wedding so that your guests do not feel like drinking. If you truly believe your guests are going to drink you out of house and home, maybe you shouldn’t be inviting those guests.


Photo by Brandi Guzman (Edmonton Wedding Photographer)


4. Have a clever favor.

Think of something that represents you or something that will make your guests enjoy your wedding that much more. If you have already have a theme, play with that in the favor. Favors don’t have to be something that is at the place setting, they can be things in the venue as well (photobooth, cookie bar, gelato bar etcetera).

5. Have a receiving line or make sure to walk around and talk to your guests.

Go around and talk to everyone at each table. Make sure it’s only a few minutes so that you will have time for everyone. I can keep you on track with this too. I will pull you away if the conversation has gone on for too long.


Young newlyweds clinking glasses and enjoying romantic moment together at wedding reception outside


6. Acknowledge your guests with a toast.

It doesn’t have to be long; in fact short and sweet is way better, but just express your gratitude for your guests being part of your big day. A little thank you goes a long way.

7. Send Thank You Cards after your wedding.

Thank you cards are important because it’s that last impression of your wedding. It’s when you can really just say thank you for being there for me on my big day.


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Remember to treat your guest well at your wedding…They are important because they also represent the love and support that is also required in a marriage. They are also the people that have been there for you through thick and thin.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a wonderful long weekend.


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