11 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire Friends to Work at Your Wedding

On November 15, 2017

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I was cruising through Facebook yesterday and a friends post caught my eye. It was something like,


Would any of my friends be interested in bartending for my

sister’s upcoming wedding?


I really wanted to say something, but I decided to keep my comments to myself and post it here instead.

I am all for cutting costs at a wedding. I know that weddings are really expensive and it seems like a good idea to DIY your entire wedding and hire friends where you’d normally hire vendors. BUT I do not suggest doing this! I cannot stress this enough. I promise you that it’s not just because I’m a wedding planner.


Here are 10 reasons why I would NOT suggest hiring a friend to do

a wedding vendors job.


  1. Wedding vendors are trained and well versed at their jobs at your wedding.

    If something comes up, a professional will know what to do. Most of the time, our clients are not even aware when something wasn’t running smoothly because we were able to fix it that fast.



  2. Professional wedding vendors carry liability insurance.

    Especially for the friends that are bartending and acting as the wedding planner, this is really dangerous to not have. Most vendors carry a minimum of $2 million liability insurance.


    Insurance Or Assurance Concept

  3. We’ve probably been to more weddings than all of you combined.

    We are able to set up, work, and take down faster than your friends.

    Edmonton Wedding Ceremony: Breathless Moments Wedding Planner

  4. We know what’s required for your wedding.

    A professional caterer will be able to tell you exactly how much food you will require, and how many full buffets you will need to have for your wedding. They will also staff appropriately so that your guests get their food in a timely manner.

    A professional bartender will be able to tell you how many employees you need to hire for your wedding. They will also be able to tell you if you aren’t buying enough alcohol, or if you’re buying too much (if you’re the one doing the purchasing).


  5. Professionals are meticulous about their work.

    Wedding vendors give their all for their clients. See my blog about the things I’ve done at weddings to see what a wedding planner does to go over and above for their clients.


  6. We are accustomed to hectic wedding days.

    We are able to follow through with our job in a timely manner. We also know the flows of the day, so we are able to project what will happen next. This is my emergency kit and it allows me to fix mishaps quickly.


  7. Friends don’t require contracts and their word is not always what they say.

    I don’t think I have to elaborate any more on this.

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  8. What happens if your friend is sick on your wedding day?

    Do they have another friend that is willing to work your wedding? Vendors always have a back-up plan for every situation.

    For me, I am WPIC certified. That means that I am able to bring in another certified planner that will execute your day as well as I would have.


  9. When it comes to photographers. I’ve heard so many brides say that they want to re-do their wedding photos because their friend cut corners.

    Read my blog about Photography here.

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  10. Are you sure they know how to decorate your ceremony and reception?

    a client of mine said to me yesterday, “My sister had us do her chair covers. Sure, it’s fine for someone who knows how to do them…But ours looked terrible because we had never done them before. We also ended up using the same chairs for the ceremony and the reception, so they ended up just falling apart. It’s really important that mine are done professionally because I don’t want that”.

  11. Does your “DJ” friend have a SOCAN license?

    You, as the host, are responsible for this fee. This also applies to “iPod” weddings. You still have to get a SOCAN license. Professional DJ’s will make you aware of any fees that you are responsible for or have these licenses already.

 Happy couple on wedding day. Bride and Groom. Vintage wedding.
In the end, the couples that were trying to cut corners by hiring friends

usually ended up paying more than the couples who hired professional

wedding vendors.

There are also so many other ways to cut the cost of your wedding. Please don’t cut the vendors. If you’re serious about cutting the cost of your wedding, hire a wedding planner to sit down with you and budget everything out. We can suggest vendors that are less expensive but still uphold their quality, we will make you aware of un-necessary items in your wedding and we can suggest cost efficient timelines for your wedding day.

Most importantly, it will allow your friends to enjoy your wedding as a guest.



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