10 Steps on How to Hire a Great Wedding Planner

On June 21, 2017

I have read so many horror stories over the last 24 hours (about couples hiring “wedding planners” that completely ruined their day), that I thought I would revisit how to hire a wedding planner.

I promise you, we aren’t all cut from the same cloth! I find it completely heartbreaking when I read


I’m glad I went with my gut and did it all myself rather than hiring a wedding planner.”


Ouch….That stings because I give my clients 110%. Honestly, that’s probably even low-balling it. I would jump through a burning hoop if I thought it was necessary. Not to mention that there are so many other great reasons to hire a wedding planner (saving you money even). Hearing things like this truly makes me sad.


So on today’s blog entry, I’m going to give you a few hints on how to hire a GREAT wedding planner!


1. Hire a CERTIFIED wedding planner

I prefer WPIC over some of the other certifications…Not just because I am certified through there, but because we are held to a very strict code of ethics. Read about it here. Some of the other ones are through companies in the US, and honestly, they plan weddings and events way differently than we do in Canada.

2. Ask about our schooling/certifications

I am not just a wedding planner because I planned my own wedding and loved planning it. In fact, I’ve actually never even been married! I planned other types of events, and eventually found my calling in weddings. I love the atmosphere that comes with weddings. But because of that, I have the education needed to plan and coordinate a wedding.

3. Check that we carry a VALID Business license and the proper insurance

It may seem like a small thing, but if they’re a good company, they will have everything there for you to see.

4. They should have a working business email

I’d recommend avoiding all “planners” who have a @hotmail.com, @gmail.com, @yahoo.com ect email. A professional will have an email that matches their domain name. Mine is info@breathless-moments.com.



5. They should supply you with a contact phone number

It should be a red flag if the number has been, or is disconnected. I’ve had the same number since the day I started my company. It hasn’t change and it’s never been disconnected…Nor will it ever be.

6. They answer your emails in a timely matter

Granted, it is the summer time and we all are very busy. However, I strive to answer my emails with 48 hours. Even just to say, “Hi, I’ve received your message. I am away right now, or have a wedding; I’ll get back to you as soon as possible”.

7. They’re willing to meet you in person, and do!

I really believe that you should meet with your wedding planner (even if it’s just over Skype). We’re all different and have different personalities. We all love different types of weddings and gravitate towards a variety of clients and weddings. if I feel you’re not the right match for me, I will send you to someone who I feel is!

8. You get what you pay for

Stay away from the planners who seem ridiculously cheap compared to the other ones. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. ALL WPIC Certified Wedding Planners HAVE to charge a certain amount. For Day-of/Month-of coordination you should expect to pay around $900+ depending on their experience. Under no circumstance would we charge $200-$300 for those packages.

9. We don’t quote you right off the bat

I’ll ask you a few questions about your wedding, and often even ask to meet with you first. There are so many details that we need to know to quote you properly.

If a wedding planner if quoting you right off the bat, this is a major red flag! Seriously! Stay away. This just proves that they’re only in it for the money. That they don’t care about the specifics of your wedding.

10. Hire a planner that does NOT accept vendor kickbacks

For those of you who don’t know what I mean, this is when a vendor (lets say a photographer) pays off a wedding planner to recommend them to their clients. This becomes shady because then they’re not necessarily recommending the best vendor for you! They’re recommending the best vendor for them. If I work with vendors who offer kickbacks, I give that credit straight to my client. I am not making any more money on the side!


I posted a really good quote on Instagram a few days ago. It says, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”. I really do believe that! 9 times out of 10, going the cheap way ends up costing you more money!


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