5 Moments When You Should “Stop and Smell the Roses” at Your Wedding

On May 25, 2016

gorgeous wedding couple walking in Budapest at night

There are particular parts of your wedding that you’ll want to cherish forever. These particular moments will get you through just about anything because they were just that powerful. It’s really important that you don’t miss them in the excitement of the day!

Here are 5 moments that I highly suggest you stop and take in.

1. First Look Photos

I’ve given my opinion on first look photos a few times. I personally love them. If you decide to have these photos taken, really take the time to savor the moment! You won’t regret it.

2. Right before the ceremony

That moment before you start walking down the aisle, stop for just a second. Look at all of your guests and take in your surroundings. Look at your partner and take in their reaction (especially if you do not plan on taking first look photos). These are the moments that you don’t want to forget, yet it’s very common that couples don’t remember them.

Same sex female couple having fun on dock near lake

3. After the ceremony

I am a firm believer that you two need a few minutes alone together after the marriage ceremony. This entire day is about the two of you wanting to spend the rest of your lives together. It’s important that you’re able to really experience it with each other!

4. Grand entrance

When those doors open to announce you as a married couple, stop for a second and really take it all in again. The reception room will be all wonderfully decorated and all of your guests will be there to show their love.

5. First dance

This really is one of my favorite parts. I truly believe that this moment is why I became a wedding planner. This is the moment when everything just disappears for the couple. It’s that moment when it is clear that these two people are meant to be together. Don’t let everything else distract you from this beautiful moment.

Happy couple on wedding day. Bride and Groom. Vintage wedding.

Above all, relax and have a great day!


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