12 Ways to Honor a Lost Loved One at Your Wedding

On June 14, 2017

Wedding Bouquet. Photo by Brandi Guzman. Edmonton Wedding Photography.Couples are finding it hard to honor family and friends that have passed on. It’s one of those things where anything goes though. If you feel it will honor your loved one then do it! There are no wrongs when it comes to these things.

Here are 12 ideas to honor a loved one that might work for you.


1. Incorporate a song that meant something to your loved one.

If there’s a song that reminds you of this person, use it somewhere in your wedding. Even if you just make sure that it’s played at your dance. It will be a special few minutes for you.

2.Write something in your program about them.

You can have a feature on your loved one, or just include a quote that you know they loved. It can be as subtle as you want.

3. Assign them a chair for a day.

You can dress up this chair in any way too. Maybe it’s that you set a bouquet on it with a poem about your loved one.

4. Mention them in your speeches.

I wouldn’t make the entire speech about them, but definitely bring them up. Show all of your guests how much you loved them.

5. Wear something of theirs for the something blue/old/borrowed.

Maybe it’s that you decide to sew a piece of their clothing onto your dress, or you wear a piece of their clothing or jewelry.



6. Get married where they did/wanted to get married.

When it comes to loved ones, it’s normal for their dreams to become our dreams. Maybe the best way to honor them is by making your wedding something they’d had or dreamed about.

7. Focus the theme around something of theirs that was treasured.

Most loved ones have an item that reminds everyone of them. Maybe it’s that they loved clocks, tea cups, books etcetera. Build your theme around that one item. It doesn’t even have to take over, it can be that one subtle item that is in every decoration.

8. Light a candle for them.

Candles have always been associated with love. We light candles on romantic dates, special occasions, and in remembrance of loved ones. Light one at your ceremony or even have a candle burning beside your wedding cake.

9. A toast in their memory.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Say a few words about them at your reception.

10. Incorporate something about them into the favor.

Whether it is that they just really loved chocolate so you have chocolates as your favor, or maybe it’s that you donate money to their favorite charity in lieu of the guest favors.

11. Chimes at an outdoor ceremony.

Hang a chime in a tree during your ceremony. The wind will blow and the chimes will make noise. Chimes aren’t usually loud or disturbing. It will allow for a little reminder that your loved ones are there in spirit.

12. Wear a locket with a picture of them.

Through-out the day, they will be held close to you.


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