15 Ways to Honour Mom at Your Wedding

On May 10, 2017

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it got me thinking about how to honour mother’s at weddings. Most of us want to acknowledge our mothers the way we acknowledge our fathers at our wedding.

He is able to walk you down the aisle and give you away. He is able to dance with you at your reception…How can we make it just as special for our mother? Here are 15 neat ideas to recognize mom at your wedding.


1. Have a mother-daughter day before the wedding.

This will allow her to feel like she is part of the wedding and should feel special.


2. Include her in things for your wedding.

Let her help you plan it, help with the décor, join in at the shower/bachelorette party. Even if it’s something small, she will feel like she’s actually a part of your big day.


3. Have mom walk down the aisle (as well or instead of).

That way she can be giving you away as well. I’ve seen this a lot lately! The MOB’s walk their daughter down the aisle with the FOB, or they walk down before but meet the bride and FOB at the front.


4. Have an assigned seat for her at the ceremony.

You could even make a special reserved sign for her! Anything to make her feel like you’ve put thought into her being part of your big day.


5. Have special flowers made for your mom.

Make them slightly different than anyone else has. Maybe add her favorite flower (if it works with your wedding). Lots of couples have a nice unique corsage for the mothers. This too is completely acceptable!


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6. Have a mother –daughter dance.

Who says that you have to just dance with your dad at your wedding?! You know me, I love anything that’s a little out of the norm.


7. Make sure your “something borrowed” is from your mother.

Maybe your mother has a piece of jewelry that you’ve always wanted to wear, or maybe she has something from her wedding that you want to use.


8. Have her be your Matron of Honour.

There are no rules that say this “job” is for your best friend. Who’s to say that your mom wasn’t your first best friend anyway!?


9. Give her a special gift.

There are a ton of ideas on Etsy and Pinterest.




10. Talk about her in your speech.

It doesn’t have to be about her entirely, just make sure you thank her. This is also a great time to thank your new mother-in-law for bringing the man of your dreams into this world.


11. As you are leaving the ceremony, take a flower out of your bouquet and give it to your mom.

This will show everyone that you will never forget about your mom.


12. Have a framed picture of the two of you together at the reception.

More often now, I am seeing pictures of the parents at the signing table. This also adds interest for your guests.


13. Have a part of the slideshow with pics of you and her.

It doesn’t have to be in the whole slideshow, but maybe even the first few slides from when you were a child?


14. Write her a special note that she can cherish forever.

Of course you don’t have to spend a lot on something really appreciated! I love thoughtful little notes. Sometimes they’re the best gifts.


15. Get a few shots of just you and your mom together.

Your photographer should ask you if you have any photos that you really want. Add a special one with just you and your mom.



My mom and me!


When I was coming up with ideas, I asked my own mom how she would like to be honoured and how she honoured her mom at her wedding.  She told me something that I think you should all take to heart! She said, “just think of the things that would be special to you; they are probably special to us as well”. If you have a different idea to honour your mom, do it! There is no right or wrong with your wedding.


Happy Mother’s day to all of the Mom’s out




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