12 Things To Do When You Plan to Have Kids at Your Wedding To Keep Yourself Sane

On August 19, 2015

rsz_lneimg_3060I promised I’d discuss having kids at your wedding, so here it goes. If you decide that having kids at your wedding is what you want, don’t forget these tiny details so that your day goes as smooth as possible.


1. Really restrict the length of your wedding ceremony.

The longer the ceremony, the more chance you’re going to experience a bored child that is acting out.

2. Consider the amount of time between your ceremony and reception.

Your guests with children will have to find something to do between that time.  Usually guests go to get a drink at a place close to the reception and that isn’t always possible with kids.

3. If you have children in your bridal party, ponder this before your photoshoot.

Chances are good that they will not want to take pictures for as long as you’d like. Load up on snacks, toys, ect…And even consider hiring a babysitter to keep an eye on them.



4. Offer a kid friendly meal.

I doubt most children will appreciate having a classy meal put in front of them.

5. Try your best to keep the dinner schedule on time.

Adults understand delays and can deal with their hunger better than children. Children will get testy if they are hungry.

6. Ensure that children are fed first or at least at the same time.

I’ve seen venues that delay the children’s’ food (whether it be because their food took longer, or just the way it was served). It does not go over well, trust me.

7. Control the length of speeches at your reception.

I’ve seen some adult’s zone out during speeches; I can only imagine what would have gone down if there were kids there.



8. Have something to entertain the kids.

I’ve seen kid’s tables, photobooths,  toys at the table, games set up ect. There are ways to keep their attention in a positive way!

9. Hire a DJ that works well with kids.

Some DJ’s are excellent at keeping the kids entertained. They play games are more interactive with the crowd.

10. Employ a babysitter at your wedding.

Whether it is just for a few kids, or all of them. It will reduce your stress substantially.

11. Have a daycare at your wedding.

Set aside an area just for kids, and have an adult in charge of it for the day.

12. Confirm that the kids will have a way to get home earlier.

Nothing is worse than a tired child.  If you have shuttles or taxi’s planned, make sure there is an earlier bunch for them and guests that don’t want to stay as long.


Beautiful Wedding Couple Embracing. Bride and Groom in Love.


If a hiccup with a child does happen during your wedding, don’t stress out about it. Chances are good that it will actually be a good memory. Stuff happens, especially with kids involved. Enjoy your day!

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