Elegant Vintage Style Kissing Booth at Rusty Bride Rentals

On November 1, 2017

With 2018 just around the corner, I am scoping out the new unique rental items for themed weddings. I like picking pieces that can be easily adapted to make its use at each wedding a little different.

Leah over at Rusty Bride Rentals showed me their new Kissing Booth and I fell in love. It can be used for so many cool things at a wedding. Here are just a few ideas for you to incorporate this lovely Kissing Booth into your wedding….


Make it your guest book table

It’s super cute and can be the first thing your guests see when they come into your reception. Realistically you’re not going to need much other similar décor to pull the whole thing together either – even using the same fonts throughout your reception will do, or it can be a stand-alone piece too.



Set it up as a dessert stand

I can picture this kissing booth with lovely cupcakes and a cutting cake on top of it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a functioning kissing booth. It’s the “feel” of it that matters the most. Wouldn’t it be adorable to have coupon or lip shaped cupcakes??



Make it into a game

Are you sick of guests clinking their glasses for the newlyweds to kiss? Maybe it’s that they have to kiss at the kissing booth, and you have to mimic them! The sky is the limit with this one!



Use it as a photobooth background

The kissing booth adds to the theme and your wedding colors (with the love potion and florals). With it as a background, it’s unique and adorable. This can be the table that holds the props too. My guess is that your guests are going to have fun with this!



Make it your signing table at your ceremony

Depending on just how distinctive you want your ceremony, you can add this piece into it. Use it as your signing table, décor or even to just hold your programs.



Use it as a sweetheart table

There is really no need for more décor if you use this as your sweetheart table!



It’s a Kissing Booth

Even if you just want to have it as a kissing booth, it’s a great idea. I can see it working with some neat carnival themed weddings. I only wish that Rusty Bride Rentals had it back we did our last styled shoot.



Whatever you decide to use it for, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing! She’s also got a lot of other cool “station” ideas too.



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