The Pros and Cons of Having Your Wedding On a Long Weekend

On October 14, 2015


Happy bride and groom in a black car on wedding day ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

Since I just had a wonderful long weekend, I thought I’d talk about the pros and cons of getting married on a long weekend.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t get married on a long weekend, and there are also many reasons why you should get married on a long weekend. In the end, it’s what’s going to work best for you!



Able to have a Sunday wedding

This can drastically reduce the overall cost of your wedding because most venues and vendors charge less for a Sunday wedding.

Guests will be able to spend more time with you

Your guests will have an extra day to spend in and around your wedding location. They will also have an extra day if your wedding is a distance away. You can have a night for drinks and hanging out before/after the wedding.

Your guests may not have to take off as much time at work

Weddings are expensive for your guests as well. Sometimes your guests actually prefer long weekend weddings because they don’t have to book off an extra day.


Wedding shot of bride and groom in park


Your guests may have added cost

Because it’s a long weekend, travel fees may go up substantially. Things like the price of gas, flights and hotels can go through the roof for your guests because it’s the long weekend. Not to mention that your guests will probably have to pay for an extra night at the hotel if they are coming from out of town. Most hotels have a two night minimum on long weekends.

There’s probably other things going on at your venue and around the location

Long weekends include festivals and events in many cities. You may want to consider what’s going on around your wedding location. It’s these things that can also make parking, booking hotel rooms, and traffic really annoying for your guests.

Guests sometimes have their long weekends already booked far in advance

It’s possible to be disappointed because many guests will not be able to make your wedding. Long weekends usually mean holidays. This can also make it hard to find certain vendors because they enjoy having a long weekend as well.

Traffic will be worse

It will probably require your guests to take more time to get your wedding. Even things like from the ceremony to the reception will probably take longer than normal.


beautiful young wedding couple blonde bride with flower and her groom just married on small boat at pond with evening sun


Weight out your personal pros and cons for getting married on a long weekend. Do what you feel is right for you! If you do decide on a long weekend, remember to send out Save the Dates early enough for your guests to start planning for it.


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