8 Things Your Mother/Mother-In-Law Can Be Responsible For

On August 24, 2016

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I hear a lot about mother-of-the-bride’s/mother-of-the-groom’s stepping on the toes of the couple getting married. Whether it’s that they think they’re helping or that they want the wedding a certain way, MOB/MOG can definitely be a problem. There are however certain things that you can absolutely rely on them for.

Here are 8 things the MOB/MOG are traditionally responsible for


1. Announcing Your Engagement

Right when you get engaged, it’s easy to miss telling certain people. Your mom will be able to remind you, or even tell them herself. She can also put an announcement in the paper if that’s something you’d like.

2. Dress Shopping

For the most part, your mother will provide you with wonderful support when you’re looking for a dress. They will know what makes you happy, but also offer you valuable insight. If your mother is not in the same city, you can email/text them pictures and still get their thoughts.

3. Helping You Find the Perfect Something: Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Something old/blue/borrowed can all be a family heirloom, or maybe it’s just something of your mother’s that you’ve always wanted to wear. She can help you find the perfect something new too…She can be your shopping buddy.




4. Being the Host

If your mom is anything like mine, her house is always open. My mom loves hosting parties/get-togethers/small events so I know that she will always be there for me when I need an event hosted. It’s also wonderful because your mom will also probably know most of the guests. It will be easy for her to make everyone feel comfortable.

5. Answering Questions that Guests May Have

Your mom will know what the dress codes are, what types of gifts you may want, and basic timelines etcetera. Those questions will no longer be expected to be answered by you. This will definitely alleviate a lot of stress for you.

6. Help You Get Ready On Your Big Day

Your mom can help you get into your dress and just be with you during this time. This really is an honour to be with you before your wedding. It will also allow for some great mother-daughter pictures.

7. Participating in the Dances

Whether it is mother-son dances, parents dance, or married couples’ dance…Your mom will be part of that. As a side note, if there is a non-traditional dance you’d like to have to honour your mother, go right ahead!

8. Keeping Your Card Box Secure

You want someone you can really trust to look after your card box. Your mother is usually that person. She can slip out and put it in the safe after the guests have all arrived. I’m going to add a side note to this one. PLEASE be sure to have someone always keep an eye on your card box. Especially If your venue is open to the public.


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