My Favorite Youtube Wedding Proposal Videos Over the Last Few Years

On June 29, 2016

I recently started watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. Yesterday I was on season 9, the episode where Matthew proposes to April. That episode got me thinking about all of the wonderful proposals I’ve seen online over the last few years.

There’s just something about them that I fall in love with. I really do love everything to do with weddings! Proposals included! Here are a few of my favorites from over the years.


Grey’s Anatomy S09E23 Flash Mob & Proposal

I’ll start off with the Grey’s Anatomy episode in case any of you have not seen it.


Marriage Proposal to Cheerleader – NBA

I really like this one because she was just so surprised and I just love how much effort he put into this proposal.


Spencer’s Home Depot Marriage Proposal

This proposal is so awesome. I love flash mobs, but it’s so much better that it’s the couple’s friends and family. I honestly can’t help but dance with them when I’m watching this video!


Mickey Mouse Proposal! (Jehan & Vish 2014)

I chose this one because it’s just so unique, and I love that it’s all based around things that the bride-to-be loves. It’s so perfect when she’s says at the beginning, “How come I’ve never seen this before? They know all of the moves!” It shows just how well he knows her.


Wedding Proposal that will Leave You Breathless

Of course I had to pick this one! Not only does it have an awesome title ;), but it’s just so sweet. The video truly shows the love between the two of them, and it captures the moment perfectly.


Police officer proposes to boyfriend at London’s Pride parade

I love this one because of the excitement. So much is going on at the Pride Parade and here’s a beautiful proposal within it. It was definitely a planned proposal as well, which is really sweet.


Engagement Proposal – Live Lip-Dub Wedding Proposal.mp4

This lip-dub proposal is so cute! I’m sure I’ve shared this particular video a handful of times already; it’s just that awesome!


Best Proposal Ever!!! Inspired by Pixar’s UP (Keep tissues nearby)

Last but certainly not least, I chose this one because it’s inspired by UP. I’m also a Disney fanatic so I love this theme. UP is such a beautiful love story too!

A proposal certainly doesn’t have to be elaborate and sometimes it’s not even recommended. It’s about what you think your partner will truly love. I just love that each one of these proposals are so unique and truly thoughtful.


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