My Prediction of Wedding Trends in 2014!

On January 4, 2014

The new year is upon us and so are all the breathtaking new trends! The wedding world is being taken by storm, bringing back old traditions and creating new ones. It’s an exciting time to focus on the new “look” of your wedding and all the possibilities. Here’s a summary of what we’ll be seeing this coming year:


The Bridal Dress

bride at the salon in wedding dress

From gorgeous dramatic veils (such as the Juliet cap) to flower crowns reminiscent of Celtic fantasy weddings, to capes and wraps, the must-haves for that perfect gown are more stylish than ever. Long sleeves are in, often in fine lace and accentuating the arms to create a ballerina pose. Speaking of lace, the Victorian-esque and Chantilly fabric has been hiding on the shelves in recent years and relegated to the “vintage” category in favour of satins and silks. But now it’s making a major comeback, thanks to the popularity of the new Hollywood adaptation of The Great Gatsby. In fact, the producers on that film even went so far as to call in the lace specialists from France – Solstiss, commissioning 1400 meters and 210 different patterns! So beloved was the fashion in the film that elaborate hair embellishments are also being coveted, bringing a real sense of grace to wedding fashion.


The Groom


So you think that everyone will be looking strictly at the bride on the big day as always, right? Wrong! Look out for those grooms dressed in styled and coloured suits that will catch every eye in the party. From checkered shirts in every shade mixed with solid pastel ties in mint and navy, to wildly patterned bowties and cool, bright ties standing out against white shirts, men are tossing tradition out the window and looking all the more dapper for it. Not your personal idea of style? Don’t worry – more sedate, dark coloured and black suits are still in, and for those who want to keep it simple but still look dashing on the dance floor, tuxedos are always available.




Are you afraid to fall under the curse of wearing the “ugly” bridesmaid’s dress? You know, the one you don’t give away because you paid a fortune for it but nevertheless you hide away in your closet since not even Cinderella’s fairy godmother could make it beautiful? Never fear, in 2014 we are finally done with the eye-sores! New trends include long, flowing chiffon gowns in soft greys, pastel blues, mints and varying shades of blush pinks or neutrals, all with an exquisitely simple yet chic look that will have you actually looking for any excuse just to wear your gown again.


Bouquet and Flowers


Another return to classics is in when it comes to the much-anticipated bouquet and surrounding floral displays. Sweet garden roses in delicate pastels, giant peonies, rich succulents and tiny Baby’s Breath are all the rage. Whether you choose a cascade effect, a posy, nosegay or armsheaf (or any one of a dozen other fabulous designs), these timeless flowers are sure to add romance and beauty to your ceremony.


The Cake


There’s absolutely nothing traditional about 2014’s cakes! From toppings such as long, tapered candles to burlap decorations, to “bling” cakes topped with jewels and sparkling fairy tale castles, to cupcakes forming wedding gowns to “naked” cakes (no icing, just plastered with bright flowers, nuts or even sprinkles!), bakers are breaking all barriers and starting an entirely brand new cake culture.




Finally, we come to one of my favourite parts of designing the “look”, décor in all its finery. Love candles? Well next year they won’t just be adorning the tables and cakes – they’ll be hanging from the ceilings and even trees (outdoor weddings). Candle chandeliers are in, surrounded by metallic vases, bows and candle holders for votives. Another favourite is marquee letters spelling out the names of the bride and groom or special messages. Not looking for quite so much sparkle? Why not try more muted shades of nude and blush fabric hangings? Or how about colourful geometric shape paper backdrops or even an origami theme?


I don’t know about you, but I am really excited about all the new artsy trends coming our way this year.

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