6 Common Myths about Wedding Planners Debunked

On October 19, 2016

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There are a lot of false ideas about wedding planners flying out there. I plan on debunking some of the most common ones on today’s blog entry.

Here are 6 of the most common incorrect thoughts about wedding planners


1. They get into it because they loved planning their own wedding


I am not married and I know a lot of planners that aren’t either. I was first really into children’s events. I thrived when I was planning children’s birthday parties and children based events. Becoming a wedding planner was completely by mistake; but definitely the best mistake I ever made. That being said though, I have the education that I need to be successful in the wedding industry. I am a certified wedding planner, certified destination wedding planner, I am Gay Wedding Institute certified, I hold a certificate in Special Event Management and a certificate in Visual Communication in Design. I promise you, I didn’t get into weddings “because I loved planning my own and wanted to help plan other weddings”.

2. They are expensive and only celebrities can afford them


The cost of a wedding planner varies and depends on a lot of things. But for the most part, a wedding planner is not that expensive and we try our best to accommodate all budgets. We also work hard for every penny we earn. We do it because we love weddings, love, events, and happy couples…Not because we want to get rich.


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3. They take full control over your wedding


We work with our clients to get them the wedding they envision. In NO WAY is it a dream that we have and we push it on our clients. We also help out wherever our clients want. If they need full support, we offer that, but we also have packages with less support.

4. They only plan the most expensive weddings


We work with all budgets and all types of couples. Seriously, some of my favorite weddings are the ones with only 10 guests and a minimal budget.

5. They are good at bossing people around


Wedding planners get a bad rap for bossing people around. It is not my job to “boss” people around. It’s my job to make your wedding day go as smooth as possible. I work WITH the vendors to give you the best wedding day possible.

6. They only recommend their vendor friends; even if they’re terrible


I am WPIC certified. We have to follow a code of ethics in order to remain certified. In our code of ethics it states that

We do not accept kickbacks (money for referrals) from vendors. Vendors must know that the clients are the recipients of any discounts given.


We always endeavour to benefit our client and not ourselves. Vendors are suggested on merit, in the best interests of the client, not ourselves or the vendor suggested.


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Now that you know the truth, are you wondering what a wedding planner can do for you and your wedding? Contact us!


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