13 Reasons Why You Should Get Married on New Year’s Eve

On December 30, 2015


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New Year’s Eve is one day that couple’s can definitely push their wedding ideas a little further than normal. The sky is the limit on this day! This is why I love New Year’s Eve, and why I adore New Year’s Eve weddings.

Here are 13 reasons why you should have a New Year’s Eve wedding!


1. Sparkly things all over!

Literally everything and anything can be sparkly.  This is the one day a year where we think the more sparkle, the better.

2. You can get married at any time of the day!

You can get married earlier or later on New Year’s Eve and it won’t make a difference.  It’s even totally acceptable to get married late in the day and make it an evening wedding. Or maybe getting married right at midnight is something that might work for you.

3. Everyone is looking for a party to attend.

Most guests are looking for something to do for New Year’s…To have a wedding just makes sense.  In a way, New Year’s and Weddings are very similar events. Plus, what better way to ring in the New Year that with a wedding!?

4. The wedding will probably go for longer.

People want to stay up later than normal on New Year’s Eve, add a wedding into the mix and it could be even later.

5. Shimmering dresses all around.

A bride’s wedding dress can have a ton of sparkle and so can the bridesmaids’ dresses! Again, anything goes on New Year’s Eve. It can definitely be all about the glitter!

6. Fireworks!

Everyone loves fireworks, and they are beautiful. If you get married on New Year’s Eve, you’re bound to see some wonderful firework displays. It’s also completely acceptable to set off some of your own (if they are permitted in your area of course, and there are no bans on). You might also think about releasing some lanterns.

Fireworks in any festival in the world

7. You’ll easily remember your anniversary and so will everyone else.

This is just a good point.

8. There are so many fun New Year’s Eve decorations.

Noise makers, confetti, New Year’s hats, numbered helium balloons, etcetera. These things will definitely get your guests in the mood to celebrate too!

9. Black and gold/Black and silver color pallet.

I love these colors for weddings. On New Year’s Eve, they are even more acceptable. They are elegant and just plain beautiful.

10. Wishing trees can be incorporated.

I remember going to First Night as a kid. I remember people writing wishes on a piece of a paper and then attaching them to a tree downtown. You can totally make this idea work for a New Year’s Eve wedding. Those wishes can also be directed at the couple, and can be kept as a keepsake.

11. Clocks as decorations.

I’ve always thought it was neat to have clock chargers, clocks in the centerpieces and other décor with clocks. It’s possible to make the entire theme based around clocks for a New Year’s Eve wedding. You can also incorporate the countdown within your theme.

12. Marquees can be used!

So I am not much for vintage or rustic, but I love marquees. Whether it’s the couple’s name, the word love, the date or just the year…I love them.

13. Classy drinks.

Champagnes and other bubbly drinks can be the main drinks served. This can make it really easy for preparing your bar.


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Happy New Year! All the best in 2016!

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