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On February 22, 2017

rsz_img_1800I thought I’d take this week to talk a little about myself. I am always the one asking you the questions, now is the time to find out more about me. I find that some of you aren’t sure if you should ask me…Honestly, I don’t mind at all!

Here are 8 thinks that you might find interesting about me.


1. I love movies!

This seriously might be the understatement of the year too. I usually see a movie at least once a week; sometimes more. I enjoy comedies, dramas, and rom-coms. I’m not much for scary movies, but I will watch them occasionally.

2. I was short-listed as Best Wedding Planner

On February 1, I was short-listed as best wedding planner by the Edmonton Event Awards. The awards night is on March 9th and I am super excited for it.

3. I’ve been working events for almost 10 years

Originally I was into children’s birthday parties and those types of events. Then I started to discover corporate events and other larger types of events with a local catering company that I worked for. I actually got into wedding planning completely by mistake! Now I am going into my 6th season, so I am glad that I made that “mistake” because I absolutely love wedding planning.

4. I adore all animals

I’ve had lots of different types of animals. Right now I have two cats, a horse and I am fostering two chinchillas. I’ve also had ferrets in the past (I have a thing for rodent type animals. I find them super cute). My boyfriend has a giant schnauzer standard poodle cross and a very large cat.


IMG_1712 (2)-2


5. I have more than one wedding related certification

I am a certified wedding planner through WPIC; as well as a certified destination wedding planner also through WPIC. I’ve completed the Gay Wedding Institute Certification Course (via The Gay Wedding Institute by 14 Stories) and I hold a certificate in Special Event Management and a certificate in Visual Communications and Design.

6. I am an identical twin

We are identical, although you really can’t tell anymore. We look alike, but not enough that you’ll get us confused. At one time no one could tell us apart though! There are pictures of the two of us, and even our parents cannot tell for sure who is who.

7. I go out of my way to attend events

I seriously can’t get enough! I try to check out everything that goes on in the city. I’ve even volunteered for the Spirit of Edmonton at a Grey Cup party (it was in Toronto for the 100th Grey Cup. It changed my life!!).

8.  My favorite part of weddings is…

When I see the love between the couple. Most of the time it’s when they are having their first dance, but sometimes it’s when they are exchanging their vows or giving a speech at their reception. There’s a moment between the two of them when the world just seems to stop. That one little thing is why I love weddings so much.





Well, that’s all that I can think of off the top of my head. Do you have any more questions to ask about me? Don’t hesitate to ask!

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Photos by Shraddha Rathi of Dreamgrapher- Canada


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