Is PAL Insurance Worth the Investment?

On December 5, 2014

When two people get married, all they want to focus on is each other and their amazing future together.

But wedding planning itself is often very nerve-wracking and stressful, which is why every bride requires assistance. Moreover, no couple needs their honeymoon ruined by an unexpected lawsuit. And that’s exactly what can happen without first obtaining PAL insurance.

Insurance Or Assurance Concept

Take it from us, insurance is important

What is PAL insurance? In 1989, a broker named Bob Morrison created the company PAL Insurance Brokers Canada Ltd.

PAL stands for “Party Alcohol Liability,” and protects couples from potential lawsuits due to accidents which may occur during or on the way home from their wedding. The insurance works regardless of whether or not there is any alcohol on the premises. And let’s face it – accidents do happen and emotions can run high. Perhaps a bridesmaid will trip in her dress, breaking her ankle in the process, or another guest might drink at your wedding, go to another bar after, drink more and unwisely decide to drive home, causing a collision in the process. People are only human and if they become angry and decide it is somehow the fault of the unwitting couple, they do have the right to sue, unless there is protection already in place.

But how is it that you can be blamed for another person’s actions, particularly in the case of alcohol? Simple – the original place where the alcohol was first served is the one which is liable. This means the couple is liable, whether they had a cash bar or not; the host is responsible for ensuring that everyone is safe during the event and then arrives home safely as well.

That’s whpal_logoere PAL comes in. Backed by Lloyd’s of London and HUB International, PAL protects you from alcohol related incidents, and even offers other special event insurance, so that your day will be as special as you hope.

We invest so much in that perfect day – time, effort, emotion, money – and a million things can go wrong. It just seems foolish not to get insurance. We insure our houses, our cars and ourselves. Just because a wedding is for only one day, doesn’t make it any less important than all the other things we insure. And PAL insurance is inexpensive; it protects you, eases your stress, and allows you to focus on celebrating your marriage with family and friends, freeing you from the worry of what could possibly happen after.

So take my advice and be sure to obtain PAL insurance for your special day. It’s one of the better investments you’ll ever make.

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