7 Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Personalized and Unique

On June 8, 2016

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It’s important to have a wedding that is unforgettable…For the guests and for yourself. For the most part, no one really wants a cookie cutter wedding.


Here are some neat ideas to make your wedding unique.

1. Pick a unique venue

The sky is the limit when you are trying to decide on a ceremony and reception venue. Is there a quaint place in the river valley that you love? Do you both love animals and think a zoo wedding would be more of a fit for you? Pick a place that truly means something to you.

2. Design a theme for your wedding

I’ve seen some amazing themes over the years. My favorite ones are the ones that don’t seem like they’d go well with a wedding. How about camping wedding? What about a carnival wedding? What about a brunch wedding?

3. Add something different

Thinking about having a unique first dance? Go for it! Want Dragon Dancers to enter the room before your grand entrance? Want to have an artist draw caricatures of your guests?  If you do something truly unique, your guests will definitely love your wedding.


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4. Honor your loved ones

Want to say or do something special for someone, but think it’s not a traditional thing to do? That doesn’t matter, if you want to have it…Then do it. I’ve seen couples add vows to their step-children at their wedding ceremony. I’ve seen a table with photos of their parents and grandparents. I’ve seen speeches made just to show how much they appreciate everyone. They really are beautiful touches.

5. Write your own ceremony

Usually if it’s something that comes from the heart, everyone appreciates it more. If you’re comfortable with writing parts of your wedding ceremony, or all of your wedding ceremony, I truly think you should.

6. Incorporate your profession

Even if it’s just your wedding photos that have your profession in them (maybe it’s that one of you is a firefighter and you have a few photos with your gear, or you’re a mechanic and have a few photos with a really cool car). But it’s also really neat to base a theme around that profession as well. Curious about all of my ideas? Send me an email!

7. Have distinctive wedding attire

I’m a fan of the steampunk look…But there are so many other ones as well. Maybe it’s that you want to just go with a dress that isn’t white! I’ve seen some really neat tie-dye dresses, and some stunning red wedding dresses. I have to say, even these red rubber boots are so awesome!


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