9 Charming Ways to Integrate Pets Into Your Wedding

On March 8, 2017

Cheerful married gay couple outdoors with dog

The other day Jeff saw an ad that was talking about dogs at weddings. He had no idea that pets can be such a big part of lots of weddings.

We went into a deep discussion about it. We talked about dressing them up, and where they could be used in the wedding. There are so many ways that you can honour your pet at your wedding!

Here are 7 ways to integrate pets into your wedding.


1. Have them take part in your ceremony

Whether it is that they are walking down aisle with you or that they are your appointed ring bearer…There are lots of ways to include them in the ceremony. I’ve even seen animals just chill out at the front of the ceremony with the family.

2. Plan a few photos with your special guy/girl

There are tons of wedding photos out there of couples with their dogs, cats, horses and other animals. This also means that they don’t necessarily have to attend your wedding, you can go to them! Don’t be scared to have them in your engagement photos too!


Canadian Geese in engagement photos, Photo by Dreamgrapher- Canada


3. Donate to your local SPCA/Humane Society

In lieu of gifts, have your guests donate to your local SPCA/Humane Society in your name. This is also a neat idea for a favor. You can donate a portion of money to these places in your guests’ name!

4. Hire a horse drawn carriage or sleigh

They can be hired just for your photo portion or they can be incorporated into your wedding by offering the service to your guests as well. These really are a lot of fun too.

You can even just ride a horse to your ceremony!

5. Build your theme around your favorite animal

I’ve seen everything when it comes to incorporating animals into your theme. Sometimes it’s just a subtle little animal decoration within the centerpieces and other times those animals are within everything in the wedding.

6. Have a custom cake topper

Do you remember the wedding from summer 2015 where the cake had bunnies on top of it?! Who’s to say you can’t copy this idea.




7. Have a country wedding

There are many beautiful country venues in and around Edmonton that you can have your wedding at. Barn weddings are really neat too! Just be aware though, for most weddings like this you’ll need to bring everything in. This can definitely add to your overall wedding cost.

8. Instead of a bouquet, carry your pet

If you have an animal that can be carried, why not try it out? No one said that you have to carry flowers. I personally love this idea because I’m allergic to flowers.

9. Include them in your vows

More and more couples are personalizing their vows. Why not add something about your pet?! There are lots of cute ideas online.




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