6 Ways to Incorporate Pets Into Your Wedding

On April 13, 2016

Cheerful married gay couple outdoors with dog

I’m not sure I’ve ever actually mentioned this before; but I love animals. I have my own zoo at home…Well just about. When couples tell me that they want to incorporate their love for animals in their wedding, I jump at the idea to help them figure out how.

Here are 6 unique ways to incorporate animals into your wedding


1. Have wedding photos taken with that animal

I’ve seen tons of beautiful wedding photos with horses, dogs and other types of animals. This is also nice in the sense that you can have these photos taken at your animals location rather than bringing them to your wedding.

2. Base the theme around that type of animal

Last year Breathless Moments worked an awesome wedding based all around rabbits. There were rabbit cake toppers, rabbit centerpieces and rabbit favors. It was so unique and perfect for the couple.


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3. Have a horse drawn carriage

These also make for amazing photos! It’s essentially your Cinderella moment.

4. Have your animal stand in for a ceremony role

Whether they walk you down the aisle, stand in for a ring bearer or flower girl, or just stand up front for support, it will be clear that they are a loved member of your family.

5. Donate to the local SPCA or animal shelters

Have your guests donate to a local animal shelter in lieu of gifts. You can also donate to a shelter under your guests’ names instead of having a favor.

6. Plan your wedding at a farm or out in the country

Barn weddings are really neat; and there will be no lack of animals there.




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