5 Times You Should be Giving Your Wedding Guests a Plus One

On January 3, 2018

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Someone I know, really wants me to address the elephant in the room on my blog today….When should you give your guests a plus one to your wedding.

This is tough because those extra people definitely add to the overall cost of your wedding. However, you really don’t want to hurt your valued friends and family.

Here are a few times you probably should be giving them a plus one.


1. If you’re having a destination wedding

You should be giving your guests a plus one because there will be a lot of extra time that your guests will have alone (this isn’t just a day event anymore). They will definitely feel more comfortable if they have someone else with them. This is also taking their budget into consideration because double occupancy travelling usually works out to be cheaper.

****Remember, you don’t have to be getting married in the Caribbean for it to be considered a destination wedding. If you are travelling roughly 3 hours or more, it is a destination wedding.

2. If you know their significant other

This one seems fairly basic, but there are lots of couples that choose not to give a plus one, even when they know the person who’d be the plus one. This really should be avoided. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and the guest that you did invite probably will not come now.


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3. If all of your other guests received a plus one

You don’t want to single anyone out (no pun intended) and by doing this, you definitely will. Have you ever been out with a bunch of your friends and only one person was single? I bet that one person wasn’t very comfortable.

4. If they don’t know any of your other guests

Weddings can be awkward because they’re usually full of a bunch of people that don’t know each other. To make sure that they’re going to be okay, it’s important that you give them the option to bring someone with them. That way your guest will at least know someone there.

5. If you’re that unsure…Ask them!

Some people are okay without a plus one. However, it’s important that you ask rather than just assume.

P.S. The person I mentioned at the beginning of this blog wanted me to add this. If you are inviting a single person to your wedding (without a plus one) because someone else’s plus one couldn’t make it, PLEASE don’t tell them that’s why they’re invited (and obviously didn’t get a plus one). It’s rude and definitely will hurt your friend’s feelings.



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