Why Hiring an Event Planner for a Proposal is an Excellent Idea

On January 11, 2015

picture of couple with wedding ring and gift box

Love is in the air! It’s definitely getting to be engagement season (I’ve even met with a few Grooms-to-be in the last week….SHHH). I’ve noticed something over the past few years, more and more Grooms-to-be are choosing to hire wedding and event planners to plan their big engagement.

Here are 4 reasons why you want your guy to hire someone to help them.


1. There will be someone there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

We are able to put out any fires (hopefully not literally) and fix anything before it becomes an issue. Just like a wedding, proposals are events!

2. We can remind them about things they may have forgotten.

Most brides-to-be want photos or videos of their engagement, and they want their hands (and nails) to look good because there will be lots of people asking to see the ring. We will remind him that he might need to think about these things.




3. We can help him plan something unique for the two of you.

This goes without saying; we are able to plan some pretty elaborate proposals! But we can also help him decide what’s important to you. Some brides-to-be think the most important part of the proposal is just being able to share it with their family!

4. We can make sure it’s going to be a secret.

If he’s planning something really elaborate, there’s a chance you might find out. If he hires a planner, there’s less of a chance that you will stumble on something.




Ah, I am really looking forward to engagement season. Next to wedding season, this is my favorite time of year! Congratulations to all of you newly engaged couples.


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