Relieve Stress by Remembering These 10 Things About Weddings

On August 12, 2015

Beautiful bride and groom wedding portrait with white bike

Your wedding should be a special day! You shouldn’t look back on it and be unhappy about how it turned out. Here are some things I think you should remember when planning your wedding and when you’re at your wedding.


1. It’s your wedding day.

Don’t let other people tell you how it should be. If the parents have an idea you truly hate, don’t do it.


2. Guests are just guests at your wedding.

If they can’t make it to your wedding, it’s upsetting but don’t let it ruin your wedding.


3. Don’t stress the small stuff.

In the end, your wedding day should be about marrying the person you love. Keep that in the back of your head with things get tough.




4. It’s okay to have a small wedding.

No one said you have to invite your entire extended family (whether you know them or not), all of your coworkers, acquaintances, etcetera. Sometimes it’s the small intimate weddings that are the best.


5. There isn’t a rule on how many bridesmaids/groomsmen you need.

Sometimes it’s better to have none!


6. Remember to stop and enjoy your day!

The day will be gone before you know it. Enjoy it while you can!


7. It’s fine to have an uneven number of bridesmaids to groomsmen.

Again, it’s your day….If it works for you, that’s all that matters.


A happy groom and bride  tossed into sky by a group of friends


8. Make sure you get some alone time with your new husband/wife on your wedding day.

Everyone will understand if you slip away for a bit.


9. It doesn’t matter if your MOH is a male.

This is 2015, not 1915. Things are different now, and that’s okay.


10. Most hiccups will go un-noticed anyway.

Hiccups happen all of the time. It’s just a part of life.

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Have a great wedding day!  Sit back and relax!


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