Remembrance Day 2015

On November 11, 2015

My mom wrote something the other day about Remembrance Day that I thought I would share.


11248073_10204249135089024_6133826993988664922_nRemembrance Day has new meaning to us, this year! We have heard the stories. Some funny, some heartwarming but mostly, heartbreaking. For us to even fathom what the soldiers, nurses, pilots, and the general public, went through, is beyond our capability. For most of us, war, is what we’ve seen in movies, read in books, maybe heard about from grandpa. This year I will be remembering all the people who fought for all of us, and praying, we or our children and their children, will never see “war” again. I’ll be thinking of the people my father-in-law saw killed before him, his friends that went missing in action, and the parents, he was forced away from at 16, to never see again. So, if it doesn’t seem like a special day to you, I understand. It never was that much to me, either but when you see real evidence before you, ( like my father in law’s disfigured feet, from being given army boots at 16 and having to wear them for the next few of his growing years. Even to prison camp), you feel it much deeper and with greater appreciation.


In a sense, I think we need to take this mentality with us all of the time. Even with weddings, I think we sometimes tend to forget what really matters. We should be appreciating the family and friends that are able to join us, and honor the ones that could not be there. We should also be very fortunate that we are even able to celebrate these special events.



We are very lucky to be standing where we are today.



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