My Visit to the Royal Glenora Club on River Valley Road

On May 13, 2015


I personally love venues that add a little bit of charm to weddings. I thought I’d tell you about one of my picks, The Royal Glenora Club. I love the little touches that it has, including the very unique light fixtures and a beautiful patio with a gorgeous river valley view. The best part about the venue though, is that it can accommodate up to 250 guests!

I had the pleasure of talking to Cynthia Schaap, the catering manager there. Here are some of the things we talked about.

What are the seating capacities of each room?

Outdoor Patio can accommodate 250 guests
Glenrose Room can accommodate 160 guests
Glenrose/Strathcona can accommodate 250 guests
Strathcona can accommodate 90 guests
Regal Glen can accommodate 75 guests.

Is the patio included in the rental price?

The patio can be rented for a ceremony, it would be exclusively the couples for the 2hr time slot they book it for.  When booking a reception in the evening, the patio is a shared space amongst any clients booked in and members.  The patio is quite extensive and we can create areas on it for each group using our furniture and flowers pots.


Do you have to be a member of the club to have a wedding there?

No, you don’t have to be a member to book.  We welcome anyone to have their wedding with us!

Because it’s a club, are there certain days that the rooms aren’t available?

The only dates we are closed are Christmas and New Year’s Day, the club is operational all other days of the year

Can a wedding ceremony be held there as well?

Yes, we have a stunning patio overlooking the river valley that can accommodate 2-250 guests.  We also have indoor space for ceremonies.  You can either book your ceremony or reception with us, or both!


How far in advance do you recommend booking?

14-12 months in advance of your wedding date if you have a specific date in mind, 9-12 months if you are a bit more flexible.

Do you offer dinner styles other than just buffet?

We offer buffets, plated dinners and family style dinners.  We are also happy to work with the couple to make their dinner unique and personalized.  We have done combination services for couples before one that I really liked is to start with a plated salad, enjoy a family style main course and finish with a plated, family or buffet dessert.  This is a wonderful option that gives you flexibility with your menu and allows you to do something a bit unique.

What time do you require the guests to leave the premises after a wedding reception?

Bar closes at 1am, and guests are required to leave by 2am

If you could convey one piece of advice to the readers, what would it be?

Don’t get overwhelmed by everyone’s opinions and families trying to get involved.  Remember it is your day, and it’s important that it reflects who you are as a couple.


Contact Cyntha Schaap at the Royal Glenora for more information and for viewing 

phone#: 780.482.0393


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2 Responses to “My Visit to the Royal Glenora Club on River Valley Road”

  • What a gorgeous venue! I have never shot a wedding here before, but it is certainly one I will recommend to future clients looking for higher capacities.

    Love your site – so much fantastic info for brides to be!

    • It truly is a beautiful venue! It has so many neat characteristics. I also forgot to mention the gorgeous entryway. As you come in the doors, there is a stunning stairway. I think there are so many possibilities for lovely photos there. Cynthia is amazing too!

      Thank you for your kind words! I have a lot of fun writing this blog. I’m glad that it can be beneficial for brides to be.

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