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On March 2, 2016


I really like when weddings are unique. I’m pretty sure you’ve started to figure that out. There’s just something about a super personalized wedding. I think they are so much more memorable for everyone!

I recently met Leah from Rusty Bride Rentals and looked through her rental collection. There are so many fascinating items. I just had to share this special company with everyone!

Here are a few questions that I asked Leah about Rusty Bride Rentals:

How did you get into the rustic/vintage rental path?

I have always had a passion for vintage and rustic flare. I have a large collection of antiques that my husband and I have acquired over the years. I was asked by one of my nieces if I could make a few rustic pieced for her wedding. We made her a large rustic display board with birch and barn wood that sits on a large easel for her pictures, along with a huge vintage easel chalkboard. We also had some smaller pieces and lanterns that lip up her pathway to the arch. After the wedding we had a number of ladies request to rent the items that they saw at Jessica’s wedding. When I came home I inquired to about 80 brides and grooms who were selling their items they purchased for their one big day. Most stated that they went over budget and were trying to re-coup some costs as this is the vision they had or wanted…That was when Rusty Brides was formed. We would rather the brides and grooms have an outlet to achieve their vision they have for their wedding without starting a new marriage in debt. Why not rent? Then you are not stuck with the items when the wedding is over.

How did you come up with your business name?

The truth…My twin sister and I were thinking of different names and nothing seemed to set. She said to me, “You’re a rusty bride!” (as I have been in a common-law relationship for 27 years). We laughed and at the same time said, “It’s kind of catchy!”


What is your favorite small piece?

I love the small details which can set off a display. I love the vintage cameras. My favorite…Brownie Target 6 box camera. Imagine the hundreds of photos and memories captured on this little camera that will be shared for generations to come.

What is your favorite large piece?

The vintage Red 1972 Norton Commando…It’s too cool! Couples truly adore this piece…Especially the ones who ride!

Tell me about this motorbike!

It is very unique. It is a vintage 1972 Norton Commando. It is candy apple red and is in pristine condition. I purchased this bike for my husband as he loves the memories of riding when he was younger.

This bike looks amazing on an engagement shoot whether the couple are riding or having it beside them in the background. I can picture it in the background with a picnic (and our vintage picnic blankets, picnik baskets and lugguage).

1972 Norton Commando, Wedding rental, Edmonton, Alberta

Do your clients typically rent just one item, or lots of items?

I find that brides and grooms have a vision in mind whether it’s a candy buffet or the barrels for a desert bar. When they see the collection and see that it’s within their budget, they tend to add a few more items. They are always thrilled when they feel their decor is complete and they have stayed within their budget.

Your candy bars are really unique! If a client were to rent one, what does that include?

Thank you, we strive to have unique pieces and our candy bars are it. We rent the full display whether it is a candy buffet, desert bar, cookie and milk bar, pie bar, s’more bar, cigar bar or a beverage bar…They rent as a complete package. This would include the furniture, 8-10 pieces of glassware (of your choice, whether it’s apothecary jars or vintage dishes), the signage or chalkboard, with a vintage scale, cameras, dishes or crates included.

The time and expense for someone to go out and find each item could cost a pretty penny…Including time. We want the experience of decor for your big day to be economical and stress free. And YES, we do deliver the entire packages.

Do couples come and see your showroom for inspiration?

Absolutely, our showroom is set up as displays to help you with inspiration. We will work with anyone to help achieve their decor dreams. Sometimes playing and working with pieces and having a variety to choose from helps making the final decision to their own personal choice of decor memorable.

Come out and have a hot chocolate, relax and create!


Tell me about your backdrop, I personally love it!

Our backdrop is natrual cedar with birch tres that have entwined lights (battery operated) around the trees. The backdrop is 15 feet wide by 8 feet high. This backdrop delivered (within limits) set up, tear down is $575.00. We do offer package deals with more rented items. I am sure we can work something out within the couples budget to achieve their vision.

Our backdrop was seen at Bridal Fantasy this year! We are thrilled that we won for best new exhibit!

Do you deliver rentals?

Yes we do delivery, tear down and pick up of our rentals. Some of our items are very vintage, large and heavy. Most people do not have an enclosed unit to pick the items up. We are very fair in our delivery prices and it makes it less stressful for brides and grooms to relax knowing everything will be taken care of. We have delivery set within Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, and up to 170 Street in Edmonton. Extra mileage is an added drive charge.

I noticed several different styles of table numbers and seating charts,

along with centrepiece wood rounds. Is that something you get a lot

of requests for?

I do receive many different styles for seating charts, displays and table numbers. We love creating new ones and when they come to our showroom and see the variety, our clients are very happy. I would rather have a variety to create with as opposed to one style as the range of personalities, styles and decor varies greatly.

I truly suggest that you go and check out Rusty Bride Rentals!

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